Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Weekend 2016

What a weekend!
Valentines 2016 was full of surprises and fun with so many of my favorite people.
Today I am sharing a recap to catch you up on all of our fun.

Friday we were supposed to have a small Valentines Day friends party after co-op. But when one of the boys came down with croup, we had to postpone our party. The girls were pretty bummed so we improvised and had a warm up party until the real deal happens next week.

Later that evening I went to a women's social for church.

Bonus points if you can identify where I am!

Saturday morning was all about sleeping in, snuggling by the fire, coffee and being lazy. 

Saturday afternoon was a very anticipated trip to the shooting range with our good friends. They were so patient with me (it was my first time to go shooting). I had a complete blast and can't wait to get some more practice in. After our date at the range we grabbed an early dinner making it the perfect Valentines celebration.

Later that evening Russ, the girls and I went on a sunset drive to a nearby town to run an errand. We got home, put the girls to bed and stayed up WAY to late watching American Graffiti. Russ says that you aren't American if you haven't watched this movie and set out to "fix me" ASAP when he found out I had never seen it.

Sunday was church, cleaning my friends salon room with Marissa, a great workout with Sarah, then  some blogging for me and playing out side for the girls. 

For dinner we grabbed Qdoba BOGO for a kiss, ate sugar cookies and spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the house. You know the weekend fun is over around here when I start cleaning the house on a Sunday night.

I had the best weekend with my Valentines!

P.S. isn't my shirt super cute?!

What was your Valentine weekend highlight?

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