Monday, March 7, 2016

February In Number {2016}

I had so much fun writing up my January in numbers post  that I decided to make it a part of the monthly blog rotation. It is such a fun way to recap a month and add up all of the little things that make up our days.

Recipes shared: 2
I feel the need to add that I tried the blueberry muffins with strawberries this week and they were equally amazing.

Trips to the gym: 15
Honestly I am completely shocked and had to double check my check ins. I only thought I had 13 or so. 

Cupcakes baked: 36
I did a trial batch and a birthday batch and ate entirely to many.

Episodes of Parks & Rec Watched: 23
I think this show is officially my all time favorite now. It is just the funniest.

Rounds fired: 180
Pew, pew! Working on my skills, watch out.

Hours spent debating 2016/2017 curriculum: 12... at least
So glad for my friend Anna and my SIL who I can bounce ideas off of.

Cell Phone Selfies: 28

NASCAR Races watched:2

Tickets purchased to the May 7th, Kansas Speedway Race: 2!
Boogity, boogity we're going to a race!

Nights away: 1
And it was glorious.

Paper hearts cut out: 96'ish

Girl night/dates with Anna: 4
I think that might be a record number in one month.

Blog posts wrote: 22

Years Emily turned: 5

Pieces my heart broke into while looking at her 5 year photos: Hundreds
I was am just not ready for my baby to be 5.

And that recaps our February... now that we are a week into March already :/.

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