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Teaching Together, Resurrection Eggs {March 2016}

Welcome back to Teaching Together!

This month marks our 6th link-up of sharing and learning together. It may or may not surprise you but these posts are always a HUGE challenge for me. I think it's because I am so immersed in home school and education all day long that my brain is generally fried in this category. Coming up with posts that others can (and want) to relate too is always so tricky for me.

This month I chose to share a project that I have been wanting to do for several Easters now.
It is easy, inexpensive and I didn't even have to leave my own home yard to gather the supplies #winner!

With Easter coming soon, now is the time to start preparing hearts both young and old to celebrate Christ's glorious defeat over death. 

These resurrection eggs take about 15-20 minutes to assemble and are started 11 days before Easter meaning you open your last (12th) egg on Easter morning. This year the day to start would be March 16th! So you have just under 2 weeks to get everything ready.

Here is what you need
Day 1: Blades of grass. 
(I took 3 and wrapped them together.)
Day 2: 3 Dimes
Day 3: Piece of bread or cracker
Day 4: Small piece of paper rolled into a scroll
Day 5: Piece of rope or yarn for whip
Day 6: Thorn
(I used a brown pipe cleaner to make a crown.)
Day 7: 2 Nails
Day 8: Dice
Day 9: Spear
(I cut a skewer down to size)
Day 10: Piece of thin white cloth
Day 11: Rock
Day 12: Is left empty

I used a Sharpie to number my eggs.

Writing on eggs with a Sharpie... not as easy as I hoped.

I placed my items in the correct eggs, put the lids on and we are now ready for March 16th!

You might even say they are egg-cited!

So sorry. I just had to do it.
Something in me just can resist a pun.

Free Printables

Now for the printables so you can make your own set. 
First off the egg carton cover that you can print, cut to shape and glue on.

Print Cover HERE

Next are the verses to print off and glue as a reference inside the lid of the box.

I only did the references and not the entire verses and I would like to tell you why?

#1 I think it is SO important for kids to see us going to the Bible. Not reading it from our phone or a piece of paper, but opening up Gods word, finding it together and reading it there. I don't always go this route but the extra bit of time is so well worth it.
#2 As kids get older it is great practice to have them look up the verses, which is what I plan to do.

Print Bible references HERE

I am so excited to open these eggs every morning with my girls. 

My hope and prayer is that this would be a tool to share the reason we celebrate Easter with your little ones.

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