Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Highlights 3.4.16

Happy Fri-Yay Friends 

Things are going to be a bit different around here today as I stray away from my typical Friday five format. This week I had the pleasure of working with Hello Fresh who hired me to share their amazing service with you. Today I want to talk about my experience and give you my honest opinion while I share 5 reasons why Hello Fresh is awesome!

{ONE} Convenience

Two hands in the air if going to the grocery store pains you. Anyone else?! Picking a menu, creating a shopping list, loading up the kids and going to the store. It is definitely one of my least favorite tasks. Hello Fresh takes the work out of the process by creating a menu, doing the shopping for you and delivering quality, fresh ingredient to your door step, FOR FREE!

When my box arrived, I naturally dropped everything to dig into it right away. On top I found my recipe cards followed by boxes with the ingredients for each meal. Underneath that was a cardboard layer with several large ice packs and the meat. It was all wrapped in an insulated bag. Leaving me already impressed. 

{TWO} Quality

Hello Fresh provides gorgeous, high quality ingredients that are purchased from their local suppliers. Not only are the ingredients a great quality, they also send you almost everything you need for the recipes. In the three Hello Fresh meals that I fixed the only thing I used from my pantry was a bottle of olive oil.

{THREE} Creativity

I absolutely love being creative in the kitchen, but sometimes I find myself stuck in our routine or a comfort zone. Hello Fresh challenged me to be creative by using new ingredients and flavor combinations. The meals I prepared were more gourmet and healthier than our typical week night meals and that was a great change.

{FOUR} Fun

Hello Fresh made cooking exciting and fun again. I often find myself in the "do we really need to eat dinner" rut, but not this week. Preparing the meals was so easy and exciting. The whole family really enjoyed being a part of the process and I found Marissa excitedly asking which box we were going to fix tonight!

{FIVE} Flavor

The meals we tried were:
Crispy Chicken Pamigiana Salad
Korean-Style Beef Stir Fry
Jamies Mega Mushroom & Lentil Curry with Tomato, Cilantro & Lemony Rice

We definitely had our favorite, the Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad, but all of the recipes were so flavorful and unique. Hello Fresh loves picky eaters too. With their classic box you are able to hand pick up to 5 recipes a week to try.

Are you interested yet?
Convenience that you will love.
Amazing, quality ingredients.
Creative recipes & flavors.
Meals that are fun to prepare.
Great, gourmet meals at home.
Why wouldn't you be?!

To take $35 off your first box use code: Pretty35

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Have a great weekend!
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