Monday, September 7, 2015

2015 Summer Highlights, Bucket List Finale

With the completion of our bucket list and Labor Day weekend coming to an end we have decided that summer is "officially" over!

Attempting to make fall feel welcome and trying to forget about the current heat wave, we started out our day with pumpkin cinnamon rolls, homemade PSL's & fall decorations. Hopefully by embracing all things fall the weather will soon follow suit #wishfulthinking.

Today I wanted to look back on our favorite memories from the summer of 2016 and celebrate a completed bucket list.

It was "The summer we went to the pool all the time"!

2016 is the year the girls REALLY learned to swim. Marissa went from a little girl who didn't love getting her face wet to being able to swim across the deep end and Emily isn't too terribly far behind her. 

The year we took a vacation, finally.

 It wasn't fancy, far away or very long but it was ours and it was together.

Part 1/ Part 2

It was the year Marissa learned to love roller coasters.

I'll never forget the excitement she had when she rode her first BIG roller coaster

A summer spent with friends and cousins.

The summer she turned 7.

The best summer ever. 

So many amazing, happy memories were made this summer. 
We played, lived and laughed TOGETHER.

A little part of me wanted this summer to never end, but the memories made will live on in my heart (and my blog) forever.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to check out what we have planned for our 2016 fall bucket list! Plus there just might be a little something special *cough* a give away *cough* that I know you won't want to miss!
Happy Labor Day friends!

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