Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Currently {September 2015}

Reading//   Do text books count? I have a hard time desiring to read much during the school year (or any time really) because it feels I read all day. Long gone are the day of recreational reading for this girl.

Drinking //  Water, lots of water. I am back on track in the fluid department and rewarding myself with cups of coffee between ridiculous amounts of water.

Random question, does anyone else ever save their Starbucks cups, wash them and reuse them? I am pretty sure my homemade iced coffee tastes even better from a Starbucks cup.

Wishing // For life to feel a bit more settled but knowing it will all happen in Gods timing. There are just so many things that feel a little up in the air right now. It always feels so hard to stay grounded in these seasons of life.

Wearing // In the spirit of fall I have been rocking some leggings. But I would like to add that I hereby solemnly swear to keep my back end covered.

Because we all know... leggings aren't pants!!!

Other than that I live in work out clothes, which are pretty much just leggings made of spandex.

Looking Forward To //  I want to say Christmas but I really am excited about fall. We have so many fun things planned on our fall bucket list.

Learning // To map out the 50 united states. You can laugh but it's true. It is part of Marissa' geography curriculum this year. When I told her she asked if I could do it and I had to give her an honest no. Then I quickly replied no, but I will learn how to do it with you. One of my favorite parts of home school is learning together!

Watching //  Master Chef. I just love that show and the grand finale is on tonight. Once that is over I will be in a no TV phase until I start watching the Christmas movies (when that becomes a bit more socially acceptable).

Enjoying // Life. Sure things are a bit up in the air and we feel like we're at an in between spot right now. But there is SO much too enjoy. I love our family dynamic right now, my exercise routine and home school is going so well this year. I wanna soak it all up and really enjoy it because it is so good. 

Planning //  A few fun girl nights in the next few weeks. One will involve some shopping the other a photo shoot of some sort. You'll have to wait for more detail on that one. I have been blessed with some great friends and I am excited to spend some fun time with them.

Eating // The same thing, all the time. It's super fun to do, you should try it some time #sarcasm. I did figure out how to make some protein bites that actually taste pretty good. To bad they aren't as healthy as I'd like for them to be. I justify it by celebrating that they are way better than a cookie. Mmmm, cookies. 

Praying //  I think yesterdays post pretty much summarizes the prayer department. I am also praying for more patience in my life when it comes to school stuff. I can get so impatient sometimes and I want to graciously love my girls.

Missing // Our days at the pool. Summer is over and my tan is fading fast. I've taken the girls swimming at the indoor pool a few times recently but it just isn't the same. 

What have you been up to currently?

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