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Girl Mom Series: Michelle, Grammie Time

Hello everyone, I'm Michelle and my blog is Grammie Time. I am a follower of Christ who helps me be a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and whatever else He needs me to be for Him. God blessed me with three beautiful daughters. I'd like to share with you my experience being a "girl mom."

My upbringing consisted of multiple divorces between my parents and I was the only girl raised with six brothers. I don't remember a time where both my parents ever lived in the same house. When I finally lived with my mother permanently, our relationship was difficult. We didn't know each other and raising a daughter was hard for her. It wasn't until I became a mother that we reconciled and made peace with the past. She has passed on and I now understand some of the choices she made. Those difficult choices, are a part of who I am today. A mother, for a daughter, is the heart of who she becomes.

I vowed to parent differently than how I was parented. I knew I needed many resources in helping raise my girls. Today they're grown up and on their own and history did not repeat itself.

There are two things I tried to instill in my girls constantly. First, like yourself. Imperfections and all, because no one is perfect, except the Creator who made you. The world will tell you you're not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, etc., what matters most is who you see when you look in the mirror. Second, it is about who you are on the inside. It takes more work than the outside. As women, we are so critical of ourselves with negative self-talk so I tried to put less emphasis on their outward appearances and more on the matters of their heart.

Introducing my daughters ... the three who have made my life whole and complete.

Danielle - My first child! A loving wife and remarkable mother. She, along with her husband Stephen have blessed us with our first grandchildren. Of all three, I think Danielle is most like me. We both are outgoing, enthusiastic and energetic. I've actually learned a thing or two from her when it comes to writing. She is an editor for Daily Mom and like myself, we have a tendency to let perfectionism get the best of us. One of the greatest gifts of being a grandmother is you get to watch your own child mother their children and see the fruits of your labor.

Elizabeth - A peacemaker, tender-hearted, passionate, generous, and seeks to live a life that pleases God. She is the daughter who enjoys the same recreational activities as I do and we like to keep each other accountable in our goals. Elizabeth has a flair for fashion and it is her closet we all raid when we need something new to wear. She is married to Trent and still in the newlywed stage. It makes my heart happy to watch her carry on our family traditions and make her house into a home with all her little touches. She is the daughter who still calls after she leaves for a visit just to tell us how much she loves and misses us. She still gets homesick from time to time.

Katie - Strong, determined, fearless, and an inspiration. Due to her disability, Katie's limitations do not keep her from experiencing life. This daughter/sister keeps us on our knees and has taught our family about never taking for granted what God has given. We have cried, laughed, rejoiced, and prayed over her since the day she was born (you can read Katie's story here). Katie's gentle spirit leaves an imprint on everyone she meets. She reminds me everyday to be thankful for the little things in life.

Mothers and Daughters
are closest, when
Daughters become Mothers.

Thank you Beth for allowing me to be part of your Girl Mom Series. 
I enjoy reading the journey other mothers are on with their daughters.


Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your story and your beautiful girls with us.

Michelle is such an encouragement to my life friends. Her posts and comments are always so full of life and wisdom. Make sure you check out her blog and say hello while you are there. 

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