Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Project Sunday {August}

August is long gone and that means I have officially made it 2/3 of the way through my 2015 photo challenge. 
33 photos for 33 weeks! 
It has been so much fun watching them grow through photos this year. 

Here is a look at the "big picture" from January through July

Now I am finally adding our August photos. Our August photos each had their own uniqueness and personality so I thought why not have a little fun with them?! Taking a cue off how the episodes of Friends are named I decided to caption these photos in a similar style.

The one....

"The one where Emily had a melt down."

She was not at all happy about the sun or the grass or any thing really. I snapped a few with a red face after she puled it together but wanted to share this one in an attempt to "keep it real".

This would make a fun "caption this" game. 

"The one where they took beautiful photos."

Everything lined up great that week and boy did I get some amazing photos. 

"The one where Marissa blankly stared in almost every photo!"

At least Emily gave me a silly sweet grin.

"The one with the cowgirl boots at the drag strip."

Emily simply can not get over those shoes. She LOVES them and often wants to wear them with her shorts. Whatever girlfriend. You go for it. 

"The one that makes me think I failed my photography course."

Seriously frustrating to look back on my worst photos of all. They are SO over exposed, I knew they were and I said "Oh, I'll just fix them" not even thinking about how hard it is to fix over exposed photos #fail. Next time I will just take the 2 minutes to retake them instead.

The pictures aren't always perfect and that's what I love so much about this project.

We are far from perfect.
Our life is far from perfect.
But we do the best we can, keep it real on the way and keep going.

Besides perfection all the time would be boring.

Have a great day friends!

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