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Monthly Goals {September 2015}

August is gone.

August is over and with it comes the feeling that summer is officially over too. We are well into the routine that that the school year brings, our tans are now fading and we start to look forward too all things fall. 

This month was busy and full of lots of change, but we still managed to cross off most of our goals.

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Participate in a new to me link-up
*With school starting back up I want to try and write more posts on the weekends

Posts were wrote and mostly wrote on the weekends. Sometimes this feels a bit like cheating but most of the time I just can't write a post the day before it publishes. I know SO many of you can relate to that too. My kids don't take naps, my house needs to maintain some level of cleanliness and I have kids to teach along with all the other household duties of the day. Getting 2-3 post done on the weekend is the only thing that keeps 5 posts a week happening during the school year.

I did find a new link up this month. 

 Let’s Be Friends

This link up goes live every Tuesday morning and you simply link up your favorite post from the last week. 

If you want to check out more you can visit Tiffany & Chelsee's sites for more info.

*Ice cream or donut date
*Wrap up our summer bucket list
*Family movie or game night
*Take both girls out on individual dates

Family time was abundant this month!
We some how miraculously finished up our summer bucket list this past weekend by making popsicles.
Stay tuned for a bucket list highlight post next week.

We went on another milk shake date.

Watched Home with the girls.
And had two date nights where we took turns spending one on one time with the girls. 

*Exercise at least 5 days a week.
*Finish stage 2 & most of stage 3 in "The New Rules" program.
*Find a better balance in my nutrition.
*Encourage others more.

Exercise is always the area that comes easiest for me. Probably because I would go insane if I gave that up. I got in my 5 work outs every week and squeezed in a great 4 mile run with Anna. We hadn't ran together in almost 2 months so we had lots to talk about... when we could actually talk. 

Stage 3 of the new rules program was completed the last day of the month! Onto Stage 4! 

Encouraging others along there fitness journey is always something I not only love to do but comes natural for me. This month I tried to be more intentional. I want to be a person that always says you can to others and pushes them towards achieving their goals, whatever they may be. 

Nutrition, meh. I did better but not amazing. I did recently find a printable food journal to try through September. We'll see how that goes next month.

*Read Women of the Word
*Resume Bible study meetings with Sarah. 
*Pray more in good times and bad

Still working on the book. Sarah and I met a couple times to talk about the book but we need to get back at it on a more consistent basis.

My prayer life has definitely improved over the past month which I think is a result of feeling completely broken.

Home School-
*Finish summer off with a celebratory & fun last week
*Participate in the Back To School blog hop on August 12th
*Take back to school photos.
*Start off the school year strong and prayerfully.

We had a great final week of summer including pool trips, lunch dates and daddy taking the afternoon off work.

The blog hop was huge success, thank you!

Our back to school photos turned out amazing this year. The girls seriously brought their A game. I wish taking photos of these to was always that easy.

Our first few weeks of school have gone really well, thank God.
I really think this is going to be our best school year yet!

*Celebrate 8 years of marriage
*Date night at the dirt track
*Attend a baseball game
*Girls night out
*Print out my goals for this month ;).

8 years was celebrated twice! Once at the dirt track, once at the car show
Yup, we really are car people... and a little redneck too. 

The baseball game never worked out #sadface and I didn't get a girls night out worked in either #doublesadface. A girls night out is high on my priority list for next month.

I also technically didn't ever print out my goals. But I did check in on them once a week so we'll call that one good. 

*Continue blogging 4-5 days a week.
*Re-do images for a few of my fall posts
*Participate in a new link-up

*Family donut date
*Family trip to the Frisco Trails
*Attend a festival
*Attend a car show or cruise night

*Exercise at least 5 days a week
*Begin and complete Stage 4 of the new rules program 
*Keep a written food journal
*Do a 5 mile run once a week

*Continue reading Women of the Word
*Resume Bible study meetings with Sarah
*Be real about where I am, pray more

Home School-
*Stay on track with lesson plans
*Plan one field trip

*Girls night out
*Decorate for fall making one new piece
*Get some canning done
*Create and share a fall bucket list
*Implement a new meal planning system

September promises to be another busy month as we say goodbye summer and hello fall!


Do you have any goals for September?

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