Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A date with dad

When I was first heard the term "date your daughter" I was curious. I mostly just thought that it sounded cute. I was picturing frilly dresses, holding hands and ice cream parlors, not that those things aren't sometimes a part of it. It seemed like an excellent way for a father to spend some quality time with his daughter. But, I never even considered the benefits further than just fun. 

I didn't think about how much Russ is an example to them. The example of how a man should treat them, love them, serve them and speak to them. This is groundwork! The way their relationship is with Russ now will influence their relationships with men for the REST of their lives. That by him being proactive in their lives from a very early age it will help to grow and secure a bond. And prayerfully, by this bond being made they will never feel the need to find validation from "men" that was missing from their father.

 Dating your daughter is a beautiful thing. 

Last night was our local Chick fil-a's annual daddy daughter date night. We love it! They organize such a great event and who doesn't love an excuse to eat some Chick fil-a! For the past few years we have use this as one of our date nights that Russ has done with Marissa.

Here they are at the first event they attended in 2012

And again before they left in 2013

Dating your daughter doesn't have to be complicated. In fact it is probably much easier if it isn't. Here are a few of our favorite tips.

Turn you cell phone off, or at least on silent.
Do something different and/or something that is special to your child.
If you have multiple daughters take them separately when you can.
Let her set the dress code. If she wants to be frilly dad should dress up to.
Talk about things that she loves, engage her, ask her questions.
Don't embarrass her.
Laugh, have fun! They grow up so fast.

This year my amazing husband was brave enough to tackle this very crowded event with both girls. This was Marissa's 3rd year to go and Emily's 1st.

Emily isn't much for looking at the camera. 

They came home giddy! They had an amazing time! So amazing that it took them quite a while to wind down and fall asleep. Which was fine by me when they slept in this morning.

They are priceless.
Don't ever let them doubt that. 

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