Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter dress shopping date

So Friday night Marissa and I finished our dinner and hit the town. We had one thing on our mind, shopping. We were headed to Kohls with a plan, a coupon and some Kohls cash! Our mission was to find an Easter dress we loved as much as one that we had saw online and fell in love with.
 We got to the store and immediately started scouring the racks to find dresses that we liked. 
It only took a matter of minutes and we had several to try! So off to the dressing room we went. 
We tried on dress, after dress after dress. Stopping to take a picture of each one. Both of us would say our thoughts about it and we had to give EVERY dress the twirl test. Because what little girl does not love a dress that soars when she spins.

Here is what we found...

This one was okay.

 She LOVED this one, I thought it looked a bit like rainbow sherbet.
 But she was really happy with it.

Pink eyelet, I do love eyelet and this one was simple. But, I thought it may be a bit to simple and a bit to pink to.

This one had a criss-cross back and a hi-lo skirt. It was fun, but not what we were looking for. 

My least favorite of the ones we tried on.

I loved this one. Something very 50's housewife about it. I didn't like that it was a bit on the shorter side of what we are okay with and it didn't seem very "Easter like". It was really cute though.

This one ended up being our favorite. You can see how happy she looks wearing it. A fuschia Lace slip over a black and white design and check this out...

 It is reversible! Whoa!

Plus it rated crazy high on the twirly scale!

After finding this dress we had a tough decision on our hands. 

At the end of trying on and some deliberating we both made the decision together to order the dress that we had seen on the computer, but they didn't have in-store. I guess we are risk takers! 

After we ordered the dress we headed to the jewelry department to look at pretties, then stopped to smell and sample some perfume. 

Then we headed home....

After a quick stop at Sonic for a slushy first!

I love our big girl time. She is such a joy to me and our time together is always so special.

I am so blessed.
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