Monday, March 31, 2014

Passport to the world: The Netherlands

This is week four of our one country a week "travels" I must say that I expected to start to feel some burn out at this point but we are loving this study unit. I have even thought about adding to it during the summer to study a few more countries that we had not planned on. 
This week we found ourselves in The Netherlands. It ended up being a much more interesting country than I thought it would be.

Here are the highlights.
Coloring page from our workbook. She found it particularly funny that the boys name was Hans.

 Our weekly flag picture

We found the pictures of Holland fascinating. Especially the aerial photos of the tulip fields. So beautiful. You should really check it out!

We talked about why windmills are important to The Netherlands, and what they do. This was a great video about windmills. 

To go along with this lesson we made this windmill craft out of a toilet paper roll.

Color and cut

 Glue, the paper clips help keep things in place until it dries.

I found that we needed to punch a hole in the blade to help it turn better.

We used a brad and the project was complete, her own working windmill!

We also did a quick paint project that both girls were able to do together. It is nice when Emily can join us for one of our projects.

These are plastic fork tulip paintings. We just dipped a plastic fork in paint and pressed it on the paper. Even Emily was able to do this with little assistance.

We let them dry and added leaves the next day.

Cute, simple, quick project for The Netherlands or spring!

Holland was honestly my favorite country we have done so far. I really felt like Marissa and I both learned a lot.

Before we wrap up all things Dutch, we need to do some baking. I found a recipe for a traditional dutch dessert that ended up having a name that was as fun to say, as it was to eat. 

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