Thursday, March 20, 2014

Five on Friday

How in the world is it already Friday again?!?! Seriously, I know we all say that the weeks go by so fast but this week feels like a complete blur!

We had a rough start to the week The oldest one was sick for a few days which meant little sister was a bit lost with nobody to boss her around. Then Emily had a toe injury resulting in a ridiculous amount of blood all over the play room and an emergency trip to Walmart to grab some liquid band aid. NEVER a dull moment! So, with all of these "exciting" surprises and our normal weeknight events it feels like I blinked twice and the weekend is upon us.

5 on Friday time, here are my 5 thoughts, likes, and picks for this week.

1- SPRING!!! It is here... or at least they say it is here. I am not optimistic about the forecast but at least yesterday was a beautiful first day of spring.

Here in a few days this may be the case. Just sayin, Missouri is unpredictable!

2- This swimsuit! I loved it so much I bought it. I of course got it in black. A black swimsuit is just like a black dress everyone needs at least one. But, I liked that you could see the details on this picture better than the black one. I hadn't bought a swimsuit in YEARS and this is my first one piece since I was probably 10. I loved how flirty and cute this retro style is. The strap is optional so no tan line worries there. I Can't wait til it is warm enough to use it! I have LOTS of pool time planned in my head for this summer.

3- This quote is from my hands down absolute favorite book Ever! If you haven't read it, you really should. Crazy Love, By Francis Chan
4- Yurbuds, I love my Yurbuds. I went from finding headphones annoying and constantly fidgeting with them on my runs to not even really feeling them and never having to re position them. Sadly I was not being smart and I pulled off one of my tips on the headphone that wasn't in my ear on an 8 mile run recently. So I am REALLY missing them and anxious for the replacement part to arrive. If your headphones annoy you, you should try these out!
5- Easter dresses. Time to start figuring out what big sister is going to get. I find that every year shopping with her gets a little harder, as her opinions keep getting a little stronger. But, we always manage to find a balance. We also aren't a big fancy Easter dress kind of family. I usually look at it in a practical way. Some years I just piece something together that maybe she already had sitting up on a shelf in her closet, other years we buy something. The plan this year will be a bit different. This weekend we are planning a mommy & Marissa shopping trip. Just us big girls going to look for a new dress. I am both excited and nervous about what we may or may not find.

Here are our previous choices...

Easter 1, plain white eyelet dress, loved the simplicity of this

Easter 2, definitely more girly but nothing over the top.

Easter 3, Another simple dress with daisies all over it.

Easter 4, at first I couldn't remember why I chose this, then I remembered I didn't. She did! She insisted on wearing this dress. Back in the day where PINK was the only color she would consider.

Easter 5, Simple plaid skirt, tank and white sweater that we just happened to have bought super cheap at Gymboree in the fall.

Excited to take her shopping and see what we come up with this year!

Have a GREAT weekend!




  1. I hope your mother daughter shopping trip ends up being as much fun as it sounds! I loved her little white dress from her first year! too cute!

    1. I am SO excited. We really really like one that we have found online... but we will see what we find in-store. It should be fun to at least try a few on even if we do end up ordering the one we love. We may HAVE to get some ice cream or something like that to :).