Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Passport to the world, England part 1

Well for week three we crossed the ocean and arrived in England. Learning about England has bee especially fun seeing Russ' Grandfather is in fact English, accent and all. We even still have distant relatives there. She did find England particularly fascinating to. Her ears perked and her eyes lit up as soon as I said that England has a Queen. She immediately yelled "like Elsa?!?!" I then explained that the queen wasn't quite like Elsa, nor did she posses magical ice powers. She seemed slightly disappointed at that news. 

My plans for these lessons will be to:
Learn to find the country on the map
Learn the countries capital
Learn to say Hello in that countries native language
Color a picture of that countries flag
Google search images of that country
Look at the language in a simple way (colors or numbers)
Listen to that countries national anthem
Prepare a traditional meal and/or dessert
Make a craft that represents that country

Our craft for this week was to make a Britsh Bobby (police officer). I found the template here. All we had to do was print it off, color, cut and glue. The only odd supply you need to make one is an empty toilet paper roll. And wouldn't you know the one time I needed one all of the toilet paper rolls were full! We did manage to locate one though. 



Glue. We found the paper clips helpful while waiting for the glue to dry.



To finish up England we talked about The Tower Bridge and browsed Google images to look around the countryside, castles and the city. Our curriculum book came with this nifty little cut-out so we could make our own Tower Bridge. 

Now all that is left is celebrating England in the best way I could thin of, a royal tea party!

Won't you join us for tea?

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