Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Currently {February 2015}

Reading // Not so much Bible lately :(. I am WAY off track from my reading plan and have yet to get back at it. Regardless of how behind I may be I want to pick it back up soon.

I have been reading "I Choose You Today" By Deb DeArmond. I am really enjoying this book and will definitely be sharing more details about it soon.

Learning // As a home school parent I am always learning about something. Lately it has been: turtles, owls, the human body and Abraham Lincoln.

I also have learned a few lessons lately about not being so stubborn and paying attention but I don't want to talk about those right now #bitter. 

Watching // All my TV watching is on Netflix except for one or two shows. Lately I have been watching Friends, House Hunters and American Restoration. My other current favorite is my weekly TV date with the girls to watch Master Chef Junior on Tuesday nights.

Making // Not much.... I did make a really cute bracelet the other day for the crochet class I teach at our home school coop. I feel the crafting urge coming on soon.

Wishing // That spring would be here to stay. I really love these really nice days with beautiful weather but it is giving me some serious spring fever. 

Looking Forward To // Running my first ever relay race on Saturday it is a 25K (15.6 miles) divide that up with 2 of my best running friends and it is suddenly not so bad. We will each run 5.2 miles, which is a really great distance for me. I am so excited for this race. 

Wearing // This really great running shirt I picked up on clearance at Kohls this weekend. It might just be my new favorite. 

Drinking // Cranberry juice. Maybe I am weird but I love that stuff and sometimes when I am feeling a little bit crazy I add a splash of OJ in there. I know it is terrible for you with a HUGE amount of sugar... I just can't help myself.

Wanting // To make a trip to Ikea. Courtney just blogged about her first trip up there and suddenly that 2 hour drive (both ways) isn't sounding that bad at all. Thanks friend. 

Planning //  A home school room. I despise doing school in our dining room. Mostly because of it's location in our home, there are no windows and it isn't the largest space. However we do have a very warm sunny "play room" just off the kitchen. When we built this house (with very young kids) we imagined that being the perfect place for the kids to play while I fixed dinner. It just isn't being used like that anymore and let's face it a nice space for us to do several hours of school a week would be MUCH more beneficial than a rarely used play space. 

(Desk I designed for the space)

Praying //  For health. The past few weeks have been really hard on so many levels. Praying healing and health in our home and for those we love. 

Missing //  Spending time with friends. Park dates, play dates, the pool. I am SO ready for summer.

How about you?

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  1. That is such a cute bracelet. Yes, Ikea is a great place! We have one about 20 min away, but it is always soooooo busy. I'm sorry to hear that health hasn't been so good. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Is "I Choose You Today" a marriage book?! Definitely want to know more!

  3. I love that crochet bracelet! I haven't watched Netflix in a long while besides kids shows. I'm going to need some suggestions of what to watch when I'm on maternity leave!

  4. LOVE Master Chef Junior. Actually we have a love/hate relationship. I love the show itself but hate that fact that those kids are 100 times better cooks than me LOL. Maybe I just need to teach Mason and he can cook for me for forever :)
    Also, IKEA... DO IT! And like I told Courtney, get the $1 ice cream! You won't regret it!

  5. Hope everyone at your house feels better soon! Yay for friends! And....II still think you need to put camera straps in your Etsy shop because I am jealous of yours and don't have time to make one! lol

  6. Yes 4 hours for Ikea doesn't sound so crazy! Ours is a 3 hour round trip. I always get lost inside though. All the good stuff is in Orlando.

  7. I feel so lucky to live within 40 minutes of an Ikea. It makes runs there for frames so easy!! Ours has been remodeling their kitchen section lately (like the last three times I have been there) and I cannot wait to see them finished! after about 4 months of no kitchen displays I am getting weak!!

  8. I've been obsessed with Friends lately, too!

  9. I really am excited to see your homeschool room! So fun!!

  10. Oooooh, that bracelet is so cute!
    Any running shirt with thumb holes is an automatic winner in my book. Give me all the thumb holes. (I'm so weird.)
    Praying for good health in your family. We have some pretty serious health issues in our family as well, if you wouldn't mind reciprocating the prayers our way we would really appreciate it.

  11. So ready for summer myself! I learn so much when my kids come home from school. I can't even imagine how much you learn actually homeschooling them.

  12. you so have to go to Ikea! It's totally worth the trip!!! Love all your learning for home school. I'm super excited for school for callie in the fall. even though it's just prek - I'm excited to re-learn with her! Also spring yes please!!!

  13. I’m behind on my reading too! Definitely need a day to catch up. And I, too, have Spring fever. We were in the 70’s all week and today is only high of 50’s. I’m not liking it! I’m slowly trying to get into running. Any secrets on how to avoid shin splints? Ouch! I love reading these currently posts!

  14. That bracelet is really cute! Good luck with your race!