Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Race Recap, Run With The Wind

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This weeks post is a race recap. I LOVE a race recap and it has been a long 3+ months since my last one. 
So this is way over due. 

Saturday I participated in the 2015 Run With The Wind 25K (15.6 miles). I have thought about this race many times but honestly I have zero desire to be trained for that distance in February. Plus signing up for a winter race, months before, is taking a pretty big gamble on what kind of weather you will have on race day.

Lucky for me everything worked out perfectly. I signed up as a relay team with two of my best running buddies. We would each run approximately 5.2 miles. As for the weather it was sunny with temps in the 50's. Does it get any better than that?! 

(Obligatory pre-race selfie)

Run With The Wind is a pretty unique course. First off it is Missouri's only certified 25K road course. Secondly you don't know which direction you will be running until the day before race day. The race is ran point to point. You run from Carthage, MO to Sarcoxie, MO.... or the other way. The direction is determined by the wind forecast hopefully giving you that extra little boost and avoiding a head wind that can cause a brutal battle for the best of runners. 

Anna was up first she ran with another friend and was a huge encouragement along the way. Love that lady and her big heart.

Next up was Lacey. Poor Lacey was our hill runner. When we signed up months ago we happened to put her in the second slot not having a clue that it was the hilliest part of the course. She is a champ though and put up a great time. So proud of her.

Then it was my turn. I made it about 1.4 miles before I picked up some company. 

Anna decided that she wasn't finished yet. After some joking around that became serious she decided to run the rest of the race with me. The race crew is pretty laid back and had no problems with it and let's be completely honest the company on a long country road was more than welcome.

15.6 miles combined miles later I crossed the finish line and wrapped up our relay.
I love me a finish line. Something about them just makes me run so much faster. 

My part of the course ended up looking like this.

And our teams time was 2:30:02 an avg group pace of 9:37
Not bad at all!

So thankful for my sole sisters, for spending Valentines Morning with them and the chance to experience this race, together.

That wraps up races for about 6 weeks the next one comes Easter weekend when I run a 5K...
with my husband!

 I can't wait. I might just make a runner out of him after all. 

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  1. I am a runner, so I always enjoy a race recap. ;) Nice work!

    1. Yay! Fellow runners always appreciate these posts the most :).

  2. Great job! Looked cold, worth it I'm sure

    1. It really wasn't to bad at all!!! Perfect running weather.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. So fun! Glad it was a nice day for you!

  4. This is so so awesome! You're my inspiration when it comes to running. And, you got great pictures from the race!

  5. Wow, I've never heard of a race with four legs ran by four runners like that. I'm training for my first 10k and posts like this are so inspiring :)

  6. And now I know I need to run a relay race! This looks like it was so much fun!
    Way to go to all three of you!!
    As for the finish line - yes, there is nothing better than seeing that and giving it all you have.

  7. Oh how fun!!! I love how team oriented you guys are and how you cheered each other on and how she even came to run with you at the end! Great job ladies!!!

  8. What a fun way to run!! I know I can't handle all those miles on my own but how cool would it be to run with friends?

  9. Where did you get those cute headbands? I need some for my workouts!

    1. The headbands came from Hippie Runner! I have a tutorial somewhere on here about making them too!