Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's The Little Things: Date Night

Date nights are pretty few and far between at the Newman house. Mostly because we're parents of young kids and they really frown on you leaving young children unattended at home ;). So anytime an offer is made to watch our girls we take it. I think the rule on that one is unless the babysitter making the offer is an ax-murderer, you accept.

Thankfully we live in the same town as both sets of grandparents so finding a sitter usually isn't too hard. Saturday night Grandma and Papa came over and we were free!!!

First date night stop was a local favorite. Hacketts Hot Wings. Hands down the best wings you would ever eat in your life. If you ever came to JoMo this would be one of the places I would bring you. Hot and Honey and Lemon Pepper. Oh my goodness, I could eat here everyday!

After Hacketts we finally made it over to Baskin Robins. Sure they opened like 5 months ago, but I told you that we don't get out much. Since we were "stuffed" we just shared a scoop of Jamocha Almond Fudge that we scored for free with a birthday coupon they sent Russ. 

Next up was a trip to Starbucks, because apparently all we do is eat and drink. This stop was another birthday freebie, YES! We always feel the pressure to make this freebie count. Let's get the biggest cup of coffee and load it up with espresso shots because it's free... and clearly we didn't want to fall asleep for 48 hours. 

Our last stop was a trip to Home Depot. I know, we're lame. Russ needed a new grinder and I had plans of my own. Remember the home school room I have started talking about. I drew up a plan for a desk and I wanted to start picking things out..

We explored all kinds of options for the top and materials. We aren't quite ready to begin the construction phase but I am getting excited just thinking about it. 

A nigh away, the best wings ever, birthday freebies and scheming projects with my guy.

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  1. Love it! Date nights are so fun :) I loved Russ' comment on your IG post from that night too, hahaha!

  2. What a perfect date night! Ours on Saturday involved food and furniture shopping!

  3. Sounds like a fun night to me! I'm patiently waiting for our first date night since Stella was born. ;)

  4. Perfect date night! Freebies are great!

  5. Chris would be your best buddy going for hot wings. I don't like wings myself. esp hot ones. But, Chris? The hotter the better! I'm boring and boneless. Excellent use of birthday freebies!!
    Loving the plan you've got going for the desk too.

  6. So fun! I saw your FB post and almost commented, but then i put my phone away, because we had a rare night out as well! My mother in law was in town so we had an early celebration of our 10 year "dateaversary"

  7. We don't get many date nights in our house either - not for lack of grandparents willing to babysit but because we don't want to leave Ellie!!!

  8. This is seriously my kind of date night! I can't remember the last time we ate out and didn't have to bring a million things to keep Marcus entertained/happy/quiet! And those wings? GET IN MAH BELLY!! Guess who's craving wings right this minute? :)

  9. The best date nights end up at the Home Depot!

  10. Ok that seriously looks like almost all of our date nights (or at least the best ones) so yay! Free ice cream? Heaven. Um not gonna lie so is a quiet late night trip to Home Depot. One because it's quiet. Oh way yeah because it's quiet, you can think, plan and shop without anyone in your face :) Excited to see this desk/home school room come together!

  11. Love your date night...we tend to go to 3-5 places since we don't get out much either. We have to hit all the places we have been wanting to go to!

    1. It is so true isn't it!!! Haha :). We really need to get out more often.

  12. sounds so much like our date nights. ;) we love home depot and your plans look pretty cool! do you build the stuff on your own? i always have these great ideas and then have to have my husband help me finish them because i get in over my head. haha. ;)


  13. YAY for date night!!! And girl, when they send you a free drink coupon, you always go big! I almost never get a venti normally, but if it's free, I get it (usually iced) and then split it between two days. Amazing!