Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Highlights 2.6.15

Oh Friday. This has been a very long week at the Newman house. Colds have been caught leaving Russ and Marissa sick. I feel like I am a ticking time bomb walking around, just waiting for the moment when I end up sick too. Do you ever feel that way? One time when the girls had a really bad virus I wore a germ mask while taking care of them, not even kidding. I hate being sick.

So the arrival of the weekend just doesn't seem that exciting this week. At least we didn't have anything special planned.

Onto happier things.

{ONE} Insta-lately

Of all the ways to engage in social media Instagram has to be my favorite. I have been trying to spend more time on there. Engaging others, posting better photos and being more active.

I love interacting with my followers. I often find that the conversations on Instagram are my favorites too. It has been such a great and surprising way to build relationships.
Not following along? You can find our page here.

What is your favorite social media outlet?

{TWO} A New Sign

My pallet sign that I made for Christmas is still up on display. Embarrassed? Not really. I do have plans to change it soon though. There are a few designs that I am considering putting my own spin on, but I am still undecided. I'll keep you posted though

{THREE} Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

I shared my favorite snack recipe this week, Buffalo Chicken Dip.

This recipe is super easy and husband approved!

{FOUR} Valentines For Our Girls

So we aren't really into Valentines Day around here. Yesterday I talked about why and why we celebrate regardless.

I also shared a few Valentine crafts and recipes we have our eyes on.

{FIVE} Tuesday Talk Link-Up

Tuesday Talk has been going for just over a month now.

If you haven't joined us yet I hope you will this week. I have LOVED meeting so many new bloggers and getting to know others better. My favorite part about Tuesday Talk is that there is no post theme, anything goes.

So grab the button and plan to link up every Tuesday!

Our Pretty Little Girls

We would love to see you there. 

My Favorite Friday Linkup Parties

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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here on Monday.

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  1. I am with you on the sick thing! I am the only one here who hasn't gotten the dumb cold!

  2. I love that pic of half of your face :-) That dip looks divine!!

  3. I caught whatever has been going around lately and hopefully will be on the mend. being sick is no picnic (especially with kidlets running around). I love my IG but I follow WAY too many people that sometimes I just get overwhelmed at the thought of not being able to "catch up" and tend to miss some of those big announcements. But I was reading a series about how to grow your blog via FB, IG and Pinterest that I think I need to be more intentional and do more than just "like" a photo....

  4. Love your signs! LOVE instagram. It's my favorite too!! What are your favorite photo editing apps!

  5. IG is definitely my favorite social media! I love those sign ideas. I hope to make something fun like that when we move.

  6. When I feel one step away from getting sick I start drinking hot tea with lemon, all day long. I think it helps a lot.
    The buffalo dip looks like a perfect last minute appetizer for a unexpected company-- quick and yummy.

    1. Oh me to! I LOVE green tea when I am feeling down or my throat is scratchy or just because. I am a BIG tea drinker.

      It is SO good, definitely a household favorite around here.

  7. I, too, love Instagram :) And I also love those pallets! I've seen quite a few people post about pallet artwork like that and I just love it!

  8. I love IG too! Pretty funny that you wore a mask though. Being sick is the worst though. Fingers crossed you didn't get sick or don't still. ick.

  9. IG is my favorite social media outlet! Your pictures there have been really awesome lately!
    Ooooh, those pallet signs - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  10. IG is my favorite also. You have some really great photos. You're little girls are so adorable. Thanks for Linking up to H54F! Della@ Della Devoted