Monday, February 9, 2015

Mondays Stink

I tried, I really did. I tried to change my outlook on the most dreaded day of the week,

 I just couldn't do it. I can't seem to overlook Mondays and all the "horror" that accompanies it. 
I simply can not just see it as just another weekday.

To justify my feelings about Monday I thought I would put together a little list explaining why I think Mondays are the worst.

1. Alarm clocks... enough said.

2. The weekend is forever away and lasting until said weekend finally arrives feels nearly impossible.

3. I have way to much to do. All of my time spent neglecting household chores over the glorious weekend always comes back to bite me on the bottom.

4. The way Monday makes me feel, awful.

5. My kids apparently despise Mondays just as much as I do. Making Mondays even more "exciting".

So there you have it! I think I made a pretty solid case.

Happy Monday Y'all!

Tell me how you feel about Mondays?

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  1. I agree... Mondays are no fun. Love the Office Space reference! I hope you make it through this Monday! :)

    1. I knew I couldn't be the only one. LOVE Office Space, definitely a classic.

  2. lol oh you poor thing! I actually love Mondays! Mira a fresh start and the chance to jump back into routine! I love the weekends and time spent with my whole family, but Monday's are welcomed with opened arms. I actually can accomplish tasks during the week. That being said, I know the struggle is real and I hope you can muster to strength to get through this Monday ;)

  3. Mondays are no fun at all! I totally agree!

  4. I have a really hard time with Mondays when I dont do some sort of chore or prep on the weekend. I feel you - Monday is just a hard day!

  5. Today sucked. I normally like mondays, but this monday...nope. Aria was pushing all the buttons, and I ran out of patience. I even snapped when she wouldn't let me turn the page in the nap time book we were reading. Praise the Lord nap time came when it did, it was much needed and then the rest of the evening was much more smooth. Stupid Mondays.

  6. I so agree! I am still feeling under the weather and just a few of the things that happened: car trouble, almost putting the babies yogurt in my coffee, continued sleep anxiety for Hallie which meant me getting up every 40 minutes to put her paci back in, and forgetting to eat dinner! Here is to a better Tuesday!

  7. #3!! Isn't that the truth?! Ugh! The cleaning is the WORST on Mondays! Even if we are out of the house all weekend (instead of being home and making messes) it's always a disaster on Mondays. HOW?! We seriously need a 3rd day in the weekend. Friday's definitely don't count.... HA!

  8. You're speaking my language :) I took off from work yesterday, so for once, it was a GREAT Monday! I wish all of them could be like that though...

  9. Ha! I'm not a big fan of Mondays either. But, I think Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Monday you can still fondly look back on your weekend. Tuesday, not even half way through the week, no longer Monday, *and* the weekend STILL seems so far away. Ugh, Tuesdays (and Mondays) - go away.