Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIY Headband Holder: Tuesday Talk 2016 V2

Hello my name is Beth and I love organization.

So you can imagine the horror, eye rolls, sighs and eye twitches that this drawer in my girls' bathroom was causing me. Seriously, sometimes I couldn't even get the drawer to open.

What started off as a clever idea to put the headbands in the basket morphed into a wicked tangled web of chaos. Because 8 pink headbands isn't enough, obviously. My girls wear A LOT of headbands.

*Insert girl mom tip: The best place to buy headbands is Childrens Place. I can often pick them up on clearance for .80-2.00 and I get free shipping too!

There had to be a way to turn this disaster into something pretty and organized.

And it turns out there is. 

The best part is I crafted this simple headband holder in about 20 minutes out of things I already had laying around the house (after raiding my craft cabinet).

To make your own here is what you need!

Pedestal, I used a candle stick holder
Oatmeal container
Rope or ribbon
Burlap to cover
Plenty of hot glue
Brown construction paper

The first thing I did was cover the lid. To do this I traced a circle slightly larger than my lid, and glued it on securing the edges with more glue. I already had plans to go around the edge with the rope so I didn't have to be too careful. 

Next I went to cover the container. However, I discovered the burlap was a bit sheer and I could still see the oatmeal design. So before covering I wrapped the container with brown construction paper.

Now I was ready! I cut the seam as straight as I could and glued it on calling the seam area the back of my project.

The top excess I shoved in the container and the lid fit snugly and securely on.

To finish the bottom I cut slits and glued them down individually as neatly and tightly as I could.

I added a piece of cardboard to the bottom for added stability and glued the pedestal on.

I found it to be a bit wobblier than I wanted so I wend around the base with the hot glue gun a couple of times trying to create more stability and security. It worked perfectly!

I added some more rope around the bottom and a piece of mustard burlap for decoration.
I later realized that doing this was kind of pointless since you can't really see it but hey, I already had it lying around.

 My project was complete.

The finished project holds about 14 -15 headbands. 
I definitely think I will be making another one of these in the next year or two. 

I also love that the headbands are neatly displayed and easy to find.
No more rummaging through the drawers looking for a certain one.

Projects like this make the organizer in me smile and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Have you organized anything lately?

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