Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Talk 2016 V3, Show & Tell Tuesday Momfessions

In the almost two years I have been blogging I am pretty sure I have never dedicated an entire post to confessions. I mean sure we all know that I can't seem to just walk away from the cookies and there is that one time I admitted that I can't watch Santa Paws without crying, multiple times, but I have never just aired out all the dirty laundry, until today. 

Todays post is dedicated to fessing up to all the little things I do as a mom. 
I am pretty sure I won't be winning any mom of the year awards after this.

* Before the girls could read I would always shorten a long wordy story just to get it over with faster. 

* I hide in the closet or around corners all the time to eat snack without sharing or sneak a piece of candy, still! If they do catch me with what appears to be a full mouth and they ask what I'm eating I sometimes lie or give a half truth.

* When the girls walk in our bedroom on a Saturday morning I almost always pretend like I am asleep until it becomes absolutely necessary for me to get up, AKA they are arguing about something.

* I was a leash parent. Marissa ran around with a monkey on her back for YEARS and I have absolutely no apologies or regrets about doing that. #safetyfirst

* I never let my kids win games. Well I say never but really I mean 9 times out of 10. I'm not sure if it's tough love or I really am so competitive that I can't loose a game of Candy Land to a 4 year old.
* Sometimes I throw out some of the girls art. (Can a person really keep every single piece?! I think not!) If I happen to get caught in the act I claim it to be in error and hang the picture back on the fridge with a big "smile".

* When playing house with the girls I usually pretend my character is sick just so I can lay down. I get to lay there and they love taking care of me. It's a win, win. One time after a particularly long night I actually fell asleep. #oops

* I would tell my kids that pretty much anything tastes like candy or another food they already love if I think it would get them to try it. Example: Emily try the broccoli, it tastes just like a cookie. She has yet to be this gullible.

* Sometimes I scare my kids to the point of tears because I think it is really funny. All was well until they learned how to play back. I think I nearly peed my pants when Marissa recently hid in the floorboard of my car.

And I saved the best, or perhaps the worst for last.

* One time when I got pulled over by a cop I told Marissa to start crying in a panic. Yup, I am totally that lady. The one who thinks the cop will take pity on her because her kid is flipping out. She never cried and I still ended up walking away ticket free. I've spent the last 4.5 years making sure she knows that cops are our friends to try and right my wrong. It worked, I think.

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