Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recap: Getting Back To Normal

Happy Monday Friends!

It's been a long time since I have put together a weekend recap post. But, if I am being totally honest there usually isn't to much to recap about ;). Our weekends around here are usually fairly uneventful and I think that is pretty fantastic honestly. However, this weekend was a tiny bit more exciting than normal.


Friday was co-op, and the beginning of getting back to normal. After almost a month of the house being completely shuffled, Marissa's room was finally finished and we moved her back in!

SO excited to be putting her room back together.

This weeks chalkboard.

Since Russ came home early and we worked REALLY hard to get some things done we had enough time to squeeze in a movie night. It was so nice to relax together after so much craziness lately. 


Saturday I tried out a new muffin recipe. It claimed to be the best blueberry muffins ever, not so much. Good try but I'll stick to my usual recipe. I should really share that recipe sometime. 

Marissa worked on this art project for hours.

I made a Hobby Lobby run and picked up this banner for $3!

Then I squeezed in some time to work on the blog. So here is a photo of me working on this blog post, in this blog post. That's never happened before.

The girls played outside.

And Russ and I enjoyed a MUCH needed date night.

We grabbed a bite to eat and took a walk around Kohls before getting home around 9:30 to watch some T.V.
I have never felt so lame, but I could honestly care less. It was wonderful!


Sunday was church.


Listening to Emily sing. I am fairly positive she will star on Broadway someday.
Life is one giant musical for this girl.

Russ took the 37 to have glass put in it.
He actually drove it onto the trailer which was really cool to watch.

Then we took a little drive to the middle of no where so we could take a look at this.

Did you actually think I would show you the full picture?
I have to leave that a mystery for a while... or at least until we decide if we are going to buy it.

An afternoon coffee.

Screen time. 

And I nearly forgot! Here is a sneak peek at the bedroom redo.
If you didn't know what happened, you would never know. Russ did an amazing job!

It is pretty bare bones in her room right now. I decided that I would be crazy to hang anything up before making an IKEA run next weekend! I'll make sure to post some better photos after that trip.

And that was our weekend!

Now it is the always dreaded Monday :(.
But we have a lot of preparations to distract us while we get ready for Russ' birthday later this week!

How was your weekend?

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