Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Talk 2016 V1 & Post #500

Welcome to the first Tuesday Talk of 2016!!!

It is so hard to believe that this weekly link-up has been going on for an entire year now!

I am so excited that the fun will be carried on into the New Year. We said goodbye to a few of our amazing co-hosts but we welcomed some pretty fabulous new ones into the group too.

If you have never linked up with Tuesday Talk we would absolutely love for you to join us this year.
The link-up goes live at 7:00 CST every Tuesday morning and the button can always be found in my sidebar. 

Meet the co-hosts!
Beth at Our Pretty Little Girls | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram 
 Becky at BYBMG | Pinterest | Facebook | Instagram
Michelle at Grammie Time | Pinterest | Instagram 
We've added more info about the co-hosts for 2016! 
Our hope is that it provides more ways for you to connect with us.
Now for a little Tuesday morning randomness.

1) This is blog post #500!!! and 22 months of blogging to the date!
I NEVER imagined that ever happening, thank you!

2) Today is my parents 36th wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids.

3) I have another post today that any popcorn lover might wanna check out.

We have lots of great plans in store for this year and can't wait to share out Tuesdays with you.

Happy linking friend!

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