Thursday, January 14, 2016

Picture Perfect Project V1: My 2015 Recap

A year ago I challenged myself to start taking more photos of the girls. I decided on once a week and chose Sunday as the day I would photograph them. Let's be honest here, we're homeschoolers and the pajamas all day stereo type does tend to be true in our house about 50% of the time.

Over the course of the year I managed to take 52 weeks of photos slightly improving my photography skills along the way. But all of this comes with a few mess-ups, lessons I learned and even a confession.

Here is what I learned from my first year long photo challenge.
  1. I need to be more organized in storing these photos. Next year I will do one folder and they will all be clearly labeled. The chaos at the end of the year from not being organized is overwhelming.
  2. I messed up my photos. There were 2 week 17's, a different font one month and at the end I just gave up. Be consistent, correct or do what I am planning to do in 2016 and skip the labels. 
  3. I confess some weeks I didn't snap the photo on Sunday. There are a times I remembered on a Tuesday... or Friday ;). But I still ended up with 52 photos and that is all I care about. The precise timing is just a minor detail.
  4. Some weeks you just have to take what you get. That's just how it is and that is okay. 
  5. Capturing beautiful photos is always nice but when you overly focus on perfection with young kids nobody has fun. Trust me on this one.
So here they are 52 weeks of my girls!
Some of the shots aren't ideal, the end result is a bit messy, but the memories are so worth it.
I'll learn from my mistakes and move forward.

Courtney // Sweet Turtle Soup
Desiree // Macke Monologues
Elizabeth // Chasin Mason
Stephanie // Wife Mommy Me
Whitney // Work It Mommy

In 2016 my plans for a yearly photo challenge changed a bit for the better. My Year of Sundays received a much needed name over hall (thanks ladies) when it became the Picture Perfect Project, a monthly photo challenge link up. The idea is for you to challenge yourself to take more photos, however that may look for you, and link up with us on the second Thursday of the month.
Starting today!

If you missed out on this month it is never to late to join!
Grab your camera and start clicking.

Our Pretty Little Girls

2016 Goals

My plans for 2016 will remain the same, one photo a week for 52 Sundays in 2016.
I hope to find more consistency in 2016, organize my photos better, improve my photography skills, add a watermark to my photos and actually edit them. But I suppose we will see how I do with all of that over the course of the year.

Now it's your turn to link up!
Grab the button from my side bar and add your post.

Happy picture taking!

Do you have a photo challenge for 2016?
Any goals or plans to share?

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