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Simple Ways To make Better Choices In 2016 #NourishWhatMatters

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For a long time I have prided myself as person who really thinks choices through, but recently I just stopped. My exercising was non existent, my food choices were questionable and my excuses became abundant. 

I am so glad this was just for a brief season of life.

Today I want to share with you some simple, practical choices that I made to start nourishing what really matters again, myself. I hope they leave you encouraged and confident that you can make better choices and nourish yourself too.


The first area I wanted to start with was my nutrition.

As a busy mom I seem to default in two different directions, especially at lunch time. I either eat anything, like literally anything. Crust off a sandwich sure! I don't take the time to think about my lunch choice. My other default is to make a guess about what I think is a good choice and then eat the same exact thing for lunch EVERY single day until I just can't anymore. Not only does this result in eating meals I don't enjoy, it is boring!

I knew there had to be a better option and it turns out there is!

Recently I was shopping at my local Target, a great place to look for health and wellness inspiration, when LEAN CUISINE® MARKETPLACE Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese caught my eye. I started looking at more Lean Cuisine® options and box after box I found amazing flavors, but there was more.

I discovered just what it was that Lean Cuisine® offers
Gluten free options
Protein packed options
Organic ingredient options
And tons of delicious flavor varieties

It was the perfect answer to my problem!
No more boring lunches, no more I don't have time to think about my food choice so I'll just eat anything.
It was so easy, so convenient and so good.

Right now Lean Cuisine® meals are on sale for $2 at Target and don't forget to grab your $1 off 5 coupon that started on 1/3

Other good choices I have been making

* Drinking more water and less coffee or soda.
Giving up some coffee has been hard, but I feel better when I drink more water

*Keeping track of my steps.
There are so many great options now days. It is so nice to have a tool to use as motivation. Sometimes I even find myself pacing the house to get some steps in.

*Parking further away from the door at stores.
Definitely a hard choice to make when its cold but those extra steps are worth it.

*Find a workout buddy and/or support.
When you are doing something new it is always great to find support in others.
You can also check out Lean Cuisine's® Well Being for more support and rewards.

*Add exercise to your everyday life.
Dancing with the girls and jumping on the trampoline do more than make my girls laugh.

*Be consistent!
Set a schedule and stick with it. Your schedule should be based around a time that you can be consistent. For me, that means early mornings.

*Keep it simple.
You don't go from a couch potato to a marathon runner in a week. Taking on to much is frustrating and an easy way to burn out fast. Keep things simple and slowly work your way forward.

*Set a goal and give yourself plenty of grace.
The best way to keep myself motivated is to pick a goal But I also set goals knowing that if I don't achieve them when I hoped I would, I can keep pushing forward. Missing a goal is not failure unless you give up.

*Have fun!
Do I really need to explain this one?!

Making better choices isn't always easy but with Lean Cuisine® at least meal time can be.
One good choice often leads to another and then another. 

Why not start today?

For more information on Lean Cuisine®  check this out!

What Lean Cuisine® Marketplace flavor would you like to try?

What is one good choice you can make today?

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