Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Guy Behind The Blog: Currently His & Hers Edition

He's back. 

First off thank you so much for all of the Birthday wishes yesterday.
We had so much fun celebrating our guy and spoiling him any chance that we could yesterday.

The Guy Behind The Blog has quickly became one of my favorite blog posts of the month. I am not sure if they really are that fun or if I just love watching him cringe as I ask him the questions.
I know, that's terrible but its kinda true.

This Saturday we were lucky enough to have a date night. My initial thoughts were PERFECT, we can knock this post out fast. I was kinda hoping he would keep the sighs and groans to a minimum if the interview was in a public place too.

This months questions are based on life "currently" To help him understand what I was looking for I decided to join him creating our first ever His & Hers currently post.

Don't get attached I am almost positive that this will never happen again.

P.S. The public idea didn't work either. He may not have caused a scene but he definitely let out his fair share of sighs and grumbles. 

Watching //

His: Football.... nah just kidding, Parks and Rec.

Hers: Parks and Rec with Russ. We never watched the series when it was NBC but we are loving it now. I have also been watching The British Baking Show or something like that with the girls on Netflix.

Reading //

His: My Table Talk magazine.

Hers: I recently started reading The Good News We Almost Forgot. It is a book on the Heidelberg Catechism that I borrowed from my MIL. 

Listening to //

His: Just the radio, (I ask him if there is anything specific) Nope. 

Hers: Pretty much the same I did hear THIS song while listening to Pandora the other day and it really spoke to my heart. 

Dreaming of //

His: This survey being over. *said with a smirk* or a 55 Chevy.
*Side note: days later that dream came true, see above photo.

Hers: Warmer weather, I am so over the cold. 

Eating //

His: Whatever my wonderful wife puts in front of my face.

Hers: Really bad foods this week thanks to Russ' birthday. Cheesecake and lasagna, how could I say no?!

Learning //

His: About what? (I tell him anything) Nope.

Hers: I don't really have anything either. 

Wishing //

His That this survey would be over. I wish the car (a 37 Ford he is building for me) was done

Hers: That we had won the Powerball... or even that it would just be warm. 

Obsessed with //

His: *Longest pause in the whole entire world* You!

Hers: Nothing out of the ordinary, taking pictures I suppose? 

Loving //

His: *Laughter* *More laughter* NO! Why would anyone ask someone that?!

Hers: My new slippers.

Planning //

His: Does a nap count?

Hers: A trip to IKEA!!! Can't even wait!

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What are you up to currently?

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