Monday, January 18, 2016

$10 at Target {January 2016}

Ever since Becky from Bybmg started her $10 at Target posts, I wanted to give it a try myself. I have loved reading about all of her great finds and couldn't wait to take the $10 at Target challenge to see what I could find. So I made it a moms night out and escaped for a bit. Cruising the aisles of Target, sifting for bargains in the peace and quiet was retail therapy at its best and such a relaxing evening. The only thing that would've made things better would have been a latte but at 8:00 in the evening I won't even touch a decaf. 

Let's take a look and see what I found.

My first stop was the 'Dollar Spot' Isn't that how every trip to Target begins?
I found these adorable milk bottles.

Some planner accessories for $3

And the teacher in me always has an eye out for new manipulatives, especially with a $1 price tag.

Next I stopped by the accessories. I still need a replacement wallet since mine is falling to pieces.

I found this one for $7.48 but it had a zipper. Cute but the more I thought about it I don't have time to mess with zipping my wallet this would be a total disaster for me. I know this sounds a little weird but surely there are mama's out there nodding their heads in agreement.

I swung by the clearance clothes and found this vest for $8.48 I have played and played with the idea of a denim vest for months now and decided I might as well try it on.

The fit was pretty great, but if I am being honest with myself I just wear WAY to many blue jeans to justify owning a denim vest. Let's leave the 2 shades of denim 20+ years ago where it belongs.

Off to shoes!
I did a happy dance when I found these. 

I am not sure if they are slippers, shoes, house shoes or whatever, but they are gray and fuzzy and on clearance from $19.99 to 5.98. Plus I actually need some slippers.

I finished things up in the kitchen department where I found these Valentines coffee cups, SO cute!

It was decision time and the thought of some cozy slippers to wear around the house on these cold winter days won me over. I also grabbed the milk bottles. I know two little girls who are going to think those are the coolest ever. 

My total was 9.68!

A couple days later in a Facebook thread among friends I uploaded the coffee cup photo and brought up how cute I thought it was and how I was this <> close to buying it. Two days later I found it on a bag on my front porch. The cup giver is still anonymous but I am left smiling and feeling extremely thankful for the friends God has blessed me with.

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Where is the first place you would look if you took the $10 Target challenge?

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