Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: Almost Race Day & Summer Has Started


I am not even kidding when I say this has been one of my most anticipated weeks ever! I woke up Monday giddy and excited and that smile has barely left my face all week.

In case you are unsure of why I am so excited I better get started with my 5!

1. TOMORROW is the day I have been training for since the end of October. I am running my first ever half marathon. HOURS of training will finally be put to use and I am SO EXCITED!

2. We finished school on Wednesday. Yesterday I kind of wrapped up all my thoughts and some end of the year thoughts in this post

Newman Family Independent Home School is officially on summer break, hallelujah!

As a side note when I looked at this picture I am totally able to catch a glimpse at the gorgeous girl we are going to have on our hands in about 10 years. That said, I immediately text the hubby giving him permission to buy another gun.

3. I am doing my first guest post this weekend! I have been sponsoring A + Life this month and Courtney was sweet enough to let me take over her blog tomorrow. Go join her following today so you don't miss tomorrows post and tell her hello when you stop by!

I will try and post the link sometime tomorrow, but I may be busy in the morning ;).

A + Life
4. Kids 1 Mile fun run

I am not the only person with a race this weekend. This evening Marissa will hit the road for a one mile run. I will of course be joining her (let's call it my warm-up). She is so excited to race.

And even more excited that when she is done she will be headed off to Mimi and Papa's to spend the night. She has only been counting down for the past 10 days now and she "packed" her bag 4 days ago. 

So on a scale of 1-10 her excitement level is an 11, at least. 

5. Mothers Day is coming. If I am being honest with the race this weekend Mothers Day hasn't exactly been on the front of my mind. I have been distracted.

I am one lucky gal. Not only do I have a great mom, I also have a great mother in-law and I realize that not many women are able to say that and really mean it. 

I love them both very much and I am thankful for them every day!

What are your weekend plans? 

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  1. good luck on your race tomorrow!!! I'm sure you'll rock it!!!

    stopping by from the 5 on Friday linkup. Stop by!

    1. Thank you so much! I am a little late getting back to comments ;). It was awesome. Can't wait to post about it this week!

  2. YES! I am SO thankful to have the most amazing Mom and MIL. Truly.

    And heck yeah, I'm a point in your 5 on Fri. Superstar status. *throws some glitter*

    1. Late commenting back, but man that glitter part made me lol.

      Can't imagine having a monster in law, we are LUCKY girls.