Friday, May 30, 2014

Five On Friday/ Shopping Finds & More

Best part about a 3 day weekend is the short week that follows it! So happy that it is already Friday again! After a very busy week I am super excited to hopefully have some down time this weekend to relax!

Here are my 5 for the week!


These sandals

Embarrassingly enough I have not owned an actual pair of sandals in years. I have just settled on a vast array of flip flops. I bought these a couple weeks ago and I have been oh so happy I did!


Breaking Bad

 Okay so I know we are a few years late getting on the breaking bad train. But, better late than never right?! We are currently wrapping up season four and I am completely convinced it has to be one of the best, most intense shows ever. 


Road Trip.

I saw this on Pinterest earlier this week and my heart soared. The fastest route to travel to both coasts and all 48 states. Definitely on my bucket list of things to do with the hubby someday. 


Book Sale

I am lucky enough to live close to a Scholastic Distributor and yesterday I got to go to one of their buddy sales. It was AMAZING. I scored all of this for 28.36! I just hope that I get to go back again in a few months. They are pretty restricted on who can get in, you need to know the name of a current employee who will vouch for being your buddy. 


This C.D. 

I literally drove all over town on Wednesday trying to locate a copy for the hubby. I guess nobody actually buys c.d.'s anymore and the stores are carrying a VERY limited selection.
I finally turned to the interwebs and ordered a copy online. Teaches me to try to get out of paying shipping.

How has your week been, any exciting plans for the weekend?

Have a great one!

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  1. Oh yes, breaking bad. SO intense. Jim isn't much for watching tv shows with me{usually} but we were both 100% completely sucked into that one.

    Jesse Pinkman, I love you. and miss seeing you once a week.

    1. Oh my gosh Courtney that last line had me laughing all weekend. So true! Jesse Pinkman is the only "junkie" I have found remotely likeable or attractive. Haha! Not that I have met a lot (any) junkies :D.

  2. Beth...I am so glad to find your blog. We have so much in common...I was stalking your About Me page. Anyway...I too homeschool. Wrapping up my second year. I went to the scholastic book sale in Dallas. Got some great stuff!!! BTW...Breaking Bad=AWESOME! I was sad and glad when we finished it up (a few months ago). It only keeps getting better! Look forward to following along! Following through GFC and Bloglovin'

    1. Yay! Isn't it funny when you find someone you have a lot in common with?! I am pretty sure I may have found myself on Pinterest randomly one day. I came across a girl whose boards reflected ALL of the the same exact hobbies as I have. It was very, very odd.

      Congrats on 2 years of homsechool! It is one of the best decisions we ever made hands down!

      Glad to have you following along... now to go stalk your page ;).

  3. We started watching Breaking Bad, and then we stopped (for no particular reason). We seriously need to jump back on the bandwagon. We did the same thing with Lost, and now we're working on season 3.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Yes you do, it is AWESOME :). We just started season 5 last night (the last season). I am already sad about how soon it is going to be over. That is the worst part about getting wrapped up in a series that is no longer on T.V. Enjoy Lost, I have never seen that one. Maybe it should be next!

  4. Way to score on the books!! That's simply amazing!!!

    1. It was the best ever! If I don't get to go back again someday, I will be heart broken.