Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers Day #5!

Sunday was my 5th Mothers Day, so crazy thinking back over 5 years of Mothers Days.
I was a bit worried that after the previous days half marathon I may not be able to get out of bed but somehow I did.

I woke up to find cards and pictures drawn for me. 
Marissa drew me running and getting a medal. Emily drew a flower.

Russ added this to the bottom of his card.
  Have I ever said that I really like him?

Then I got my Mothers Day present.

It was the kind of present that wasn't exactly a surprise. That is just how things work in our house. I say "Honey I would love this for Mothers Day." And he says "Sure, get it." Sorry if that takes the romance out of some of it for you guys but in our home that is normally the way things work. We aren't big "surprise people". But we occasionally do have our moments.

I custom ordered this from Handful of Arrows a few weeks back and as promised it arrived just in time for my race and Mothers Day.

It is beautiful and PERFECT.
Like a finishers medal that I can wear all the time. It looks great with anything I want to wear and people won't stare like they would if I wore my real medal.

Then we headed to church followed by going out for lunch. Which reminded me why we seldom go out to eat. HA! Picky eaters, tired kids and crowded restaurants didn't make for the most enjoyable meal but at least we were together. The rest of the day was spent at home.

I also forgot to have Russ snap a picture of me with the girls in the midst of the chaos. 
Oh my, Mothers Day #FAIL.

But all in all it wasn't a terrible day and the hubby surprised me with my favorite ice cream once the kids had went to bed.
 Now that is what I call romance ;). I told you we have our moments. 

How was your Mothers Day?

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  1. Where did y'all go out to eat? :)

    We had frozen pizza at home for lunch haha!

    Jim got me an ebook about blogging for Mother's Day. lol! We're not so romantic here either.

    1. We went to El Vaquero, I have been wanting to try it out since they reopened. It would have been more enjoyable on a date night ;). So, I think you were smart going with the frozen pizza. That would have made everyone in our family happy at least.

      Glad to know we aren't the only ones, lol.

  2. stopping by from your guest post on Courtney's blog! Love that necklace! Congrats on running your first 1/2 marathon! I ran one a lifetime ago and I'm trying to get back into running slowly (and lose a bunch of weight too ha!).

    1. Thank you!

      That is great! Good luck on getting back into things and thanks for coming by!