Thursday, May 8, 2014

So Long Kindergarten

Writing this post is emotional on so many levels.
First off my baby is done with Kindergarten. A child growing up is beautiful, humbling and hard. I still vividly remember the day she was born, bringing her home, and all of her firsts and now she is a five year old (not for long) miniature version of me (at least in personality).
Secondly, we just finished our first year of home school. That is a sentence that I never in a million years expected to ever say. This time last year we were prepping for Pre-K graduation, enrolling her in Public school and jumping through the hoops of shots, eye appointments and kindergarten screenings. I had never given a thought to the possibility of homeschooling. In fact, if I am being completely honest I would say that I had pretty strong feelings against homeschooling. I don't even know why. I am assuming I just thought that since the "system" was already in place why wouldn't people just use it.

Somewhere between graduation day and the middle of summer something happened. Maybe it isn't even that something actually happened. It was more like I was still enough and took off my judgmental mom hat long enough to be quiet and listen to God speaking to my heart.  At first it started with questions. Why were we choosing the public school route? Then those questions brought conviction and truth to our specific situation.
I don't feel the need to get into a list of reasons telling you
 why we chose home school.

I believe that God put homeschooling our children on our heart and that it is the perfect choice for our family. I also believe that God doesn't give the same calling to everyone. What is His plan for our family may be different from where He leads yours.

The most important thing is that we take the time to open our heart, our mind and listen when He speaks to us. If I had refused to let him soften my heart and break down the walls of resistance that I had constructed I would have missed out on one of the most amazing years of my life. Not only did I watch her learn, I was her teacher and that was an amazing experience and a gift from God.

Marissa Renea I am over the moon proud of you! You are a blessing from God and I couldn't be more excited to learn and play with you as we move on to first grade, together.

End of the year interview:
Age: 5 (so close to 6!)
Height started K at 3'11" ended K at 4'.75"
Favorite color: Pink, purple, red
Favorite food: donuts
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: The Monster At The End Of This Book
Favorite song: Let it go
Favorite game: Hide and go seek

Begining of the year Pre-K and K

End of the year Kindergarten Photos

Amazing and terrifying all at the same time.

Now to go find a tissue.

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  1. Aww! Bless her! She is so proud of herself and so should you! There is no way I could ever home school, I just don't have the patience for it! We barely make it through homework. Not because I'm not a patient person but my oldest and I just butt heads when it comes to things like that! Great job!