Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Project Wrap-up

Hello again! 

Taking a 3 day blogging break felt a little strange. So it feels good to get back to it this morning. I hope that you had a great, long weekend. We spent most of ours finishing up on some projects and things around the house.

Let's take a look

So, my awesome husband and his friend built this at my in-laws house.

Isn't it GORGEOUS?!

I couldn't be more proud of those two guys.
Now this WAS NOT a weekend project. It took up several weekend and several late nights. Russ got the final touches done on Friday. We are all glad to have this project complete and since then I have "grounded" Russ from biting off any big projects. Unless he wants to build me a pergola for our patio. That, that would be completely fine :)!

With the deck complete we spent Saturday and Sunday putting up some additional privacy fencing in our own yard. This project has been in the works for weeks now and we wanted to get it done. So, I put on some gloves and decided to help. Russ even let me use the nail gun, woo hoo! I absolutely love using power tools (especially saws and nail guns).

While we worked the kids played and played and played. 

 It was a very productive weekend and we were glad to get several projects wrapped up, clean up the house some and kick back our feet and relax.

How was your weekend?

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  1. that purgala is amazing!!! love that water you too - looks so fun!!