Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guest Post Link

Two quick things!

1. I am guest posting today on A + Life, go check it out!

2. I did it, this totally happened and I feel AMAZING!!!

More details to come next week.
Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hi! Stopping over from A + Life blog today. Congratulations on your race! That is so exciting. I love me a good race recap. Shameless plug: I host a monthly running linkup called Runners Tell All. This month's topic is "sharing a running picture," and the linkup is the 21st of every month! I would love it if you joined in. You could share a picture from the race! You can see all the topics and get more info here:

    1. Haha! Race re-cap is in the works, woo hoo.

      I will definitely check that link up out. Thanks for the invite!

      Thanks for coming by.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much it was GREAT! Can't wait to blog about it this week!

  3. Congrats, friend! What a great accomplishment!