Monday, May 19, 2014

We didn't expect that...

Happy Monday! 

I just got back from the most glorious run this morning. The weather was perfect, the birds were singing and it just felt like the best way I could have started my day. 

Especially after yesterday...

Sunday started out just as expected. Up early, loaded in the car and on the highway to spend the day at Silver Dollar City, our favorite family hangout. 

We got about halfway there and this happened

Yup, we didn't expect that.

We were on a bridge, on the highway, going 55 mph when it started. Our whole family was in the car and with 4 cars spread across 2 lanes and the shoulder in front of us we had no where to go.


No, it wasn't our fault.

Yes, we are all okay.

Explaining what exactly happened is a bit complicated. Let's just say that one persons extremely poor judgement resulted in a 3, almost 5 car wreck. 

We sat there on the side of the highway for 1.5 hours waiting and waiting and waiting before we were finally released to go. The cop later called us back telling us how he was writing up the report. He faulted the car that had such poor judgement for the whole thing. That was a huge relief.

With the car still driving fine we decided to carry on with our day as planned. We both felt like heading back home but knew that would break the girls hearts. So we put on our smiles and forged on, just like we always have done.

I am reminded of a certain Forrest Gump quote and to keep this blog PG let's just say, "Stuff happens".

Reflecting back during the rest of our drive, tears filled my eyes. Thoughts of how bad it could have been. Everything could have been over in a second if God would have allowed it. I was reminded of His love and grace even when unexpected things happen. And how He will continue to take care of us during this process just like He always has. We never walk alone. He knows the situation, He is so much bigger and He will always be glorified in and through everything.

Once again another reminder of just how very blessed we are.

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  1. The way they make you wait forever and ever on the side of the road is absolutely preposterous not to mention incredibly dangerous. This happened to my dad and I on our way back from Kansas City last summer. It was just around the Golden City/Pittsburg exit. A semi decided it would be a good time to change lanes on a bridge...into our car. Really awesome.

    He kept driving{even more awesome} but some good Samaritans that saw it all go down chased him down and made him pull over ha!! But yeah, we had to wait FOREVER on the side of the road.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow, for keeping all of you safe.

    1. Oh my Courtney. I am now remembering hearing about that. It is a TERRIBLE mess, a terrible ordeal, the process sucks and it is hard to not be angry over feelings of injustice. But, we are doing our best.

      So glad your stuff worked out okay. That does give me some hope. We weren't so fortunate. There were 2 witness cars that should have stopped that just kept going. That makes me so frustrated.

      But, AMEN, we are safe and that is the most important thing.

  2. Oh yikes! So glad that everyone is ok and you were able to get in with your outing.

    1. Thank you, we were to. It could have been so much worse. I have to keep reminding myself of that!