Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Freeman Fun Run "Race-Recap"

This weekend was the Freeman Family One Mile Fun Run. 

Usually fun runs come with a registration fee of $10-15 a kid. But this one, it was free. Yahoo! Sign us up!
 My girls absolutely love doing fun runs and free ones are pretty few and far between. There was just one problem, I was supposed to run 11 miles that morning.  I would call myself an early bird but there was NO way in the world I was waking up early enough to run 11 miles, get the girls ready, fed and be there by 7:30. So Friday night I squeezed on my spandex for 11 miles of pavement pounding. 

Come Saturday morning I was up, smiling and ready to log one more mile for the weekend with my girls

At some point on our 11 mile run my friend Anna and I joked about how funny it would be if the kids took an "obligatory" pre-race selfie (like we always do). Once the idea was out there we just knew we had to follow through. After a little lesson and some laughing on our part we had this. 


Does it get much better than that?! They just started and they are already better at them than I am.

 We decided to let the 2 kids, 2 parent situation work its benefit and buddy up. Marissa chose to run with her dad. I must admit, I was a little (or a lot) heart broken. I have such happy memories of the very first fun run I did with her the day before I ran my very first half marathon. Now she is choosing Dad?! You see, she used to always see me as the "runner". Not any more friends. She said "Daddy's faster than you mommy!" *Knife to the heart* Although if I am being honest I must admit over the course of one mile, she is most likely correct. 

So I got to run Emily's first fun run with her, which was awesome. She was so excited to run with mommy. She is a self proclaimed "fast runner girl" and boy she took off on me, not wanting to stop for almost half a mile.

We did a whole lot of hand holding along the way too.

Both girls finished strong and received a medal for the accomplishment. I love how excited they get about their medals.

Another great family run in the books

I wish I had more pictures to share but sadly I am still waiting for them to publish the finish line photos from the race. I am sure they will do that about the time this post publishes. But if I waited it would be another month. You know how that situation works, right? Hopefully they will upload them soon and I'll be able to share a few more pictures Friday.  
Passing on a healthy lifestyle to our kids is HUGE for us. 

Here are some ways we do that in our home.

We lead by example// If I'm not being an active role model for them, who is. The girls are very aware of and supportive of my exercise habits, even though most of my gym hours are logged while they are getting their beauty sleep.

We play with our kids// Bike rides, fun runs, and even the backyard. Playing as a family is awesome.

I kick them out of the house some times// Book reading, playing, coloring and some TV are great but some days I unashamedly make them go play outside. Even if it means locking the screen door to keep them out there. They always seem glad about it in the end. 

Teach them how to make healthy nutrition choices young// Each house is different so this isn't a one size fits all subject. But at our house we talk about making good choices with our kids and treats are a treat. They are never to young to learn.

Have you done a fun run with your kids?
How do you encourage a healthy lifestyle in your home?

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  1. Such a fun thing to do with them and FREE! Awesome! What great models you are for your kiddos!

  2. That is awesome! I love how much you exercise and play with your kids. That is so important and sadly, many parents don't do that. I hope to be the same type of role model for my kids too!

  3. what a cool family adventure…. and 11 miles?! #superheromommy

  4. Wahoo for a free one! And 11 miles? You go girl! I can’t
    even run 1 mile. Pathetic, I know. One day I will be a runner, one day! Ha. And
    I LOVE the pre-run selfie of the kids. That is too great! And so cool that they
    got a medal. Mason would be all over that! He loves trophies and medals of any
    kind. Great family picture! And good tips for passing on a healthy lifestyle to
    your kids! We try, too. Mason is very active but his eating is eh, not the
    greatest. He is the pickiest eater ever!

  5. This is so awesome! I love that you got to run each kids 1st fun run with them! There's one our gym is hosting later in May I was thinking about but I'm thinking Callie might be too young and seeing this is Emily's first makes me thing maybe so. Not sure - she asks all the time why people are running, why I exercise, and when are we going to start running with the stroller again lol! Enough about me those kids totally nailed their selfie!!! What a fun family event!

  6. This is fabulous!! Yes, passing on a healthy lifestyle to our children is such a wise parenting plan. I love how you said that!! I agree your kiddos totally did #NAIL their selfie. Hopefully there will be many more of these fun runs with your kiddos and more cute selfies to come :)

  7. Exactly, if they were all free we'd do one every weekend :). Thanks Becky.

  8. Thanks Jamie. It is so sad isn't it?! From what I see reading your blog it seems like you are off to a great start :).

  9. It was so much.

    Haha, no super hero. More like super crazy. That was it, the longest run before half marathon #3 next weekend. I am SO ready to be done with this long distance running stuff.

  10. I know right?! Free was great, we'd do them all the time if more were free.

    Haha, thank you. That was my last long training run before the OKC half next weekend. I am ready, I think.

    I bet he would love a fun run. Boys are so competitive and driven like that. My Emily might just give him a run for his money in the picky department :/.

  11. I know! I was a bit sad from the rejection, but so happy I got to run with Emily. I don't know Callie might do really really well. It just depends on how distracted she gets but I bet you could totally do it with her. There were kids much younger than Emily there doing great!

    Thanks friend, we had a great time.

  12. Thank you! You know there will be. We have one on the calendar for May and another for June. Their race season seems to be as long as mine is :). I love getting to do this with them. I can't wait to see how things go and change as they grow.

  13. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesApril 16, 2015 at 9:27 AM

    I absolutely love every single thing about this post (free race included!). How awesome that you were able to do a family run! And that the girls loved it, and that they received their own medals. Talk about sweet! And, that kids selfie? I'm dying, hahaha!!
    We try to get outside to play as much as possible. While I love me a good coloring session, or play doh moment, there's nothing better than getting all that energy out. We also try to take Marcus on runs with us (if we can), and take him to all our events (me: running events, Scott: running and crossfit events). We desperately need Marcus to see that being active and healthy is a must.
    Awesome post, Beth!!

  14. Thank you! I know you guys are setting a great example for Marcus. I mean your halfway through a pregnancy and STILL logging miles. #Dedication #impressed. You guys should totally do a fun run with Marcus soon!!!