Thursday, April 30, 2015

Girl Mom Series: Jenny, The Chronicles of We

Hello! I’m thrilled to be a part of Beth's Girl Mom Series and I’m excited to introduce myself to you! I’m Jenny and I blog over at The Chronicles of We. I’m a SAHM to a strong-willed, sassy, independent almost three-year-old amazing little girl named Callie. I've got your typical mommy blog sharing about our family’s adventures and a wide potpourri of topics! You can also find me overgramming life on Instagram too! I'm also wife to Jake (13 years this summer). We recently moved back to our home state of Michigan after a decade away. We built our (hopefully) forever house on a lake! I love chocolate, wine, beer, diet pop (it’s pop not soda people!), pizza oh and running so I can enjoy all those delicious things!

When I think about being a girl mom I think so many things! It really took me awhile to sort out what I wanted to share with you all about being a girl mom. I think about pink and balancing it with blue. I think about being pretty and being smart. I think about how much Callie challenges me and how to challenge her back. I think about sports, princesses, trucks and tea parties. I think about math and science. I think about body image and the strength of a woman's voice. When it comes down to it I mostly think about teaching my daughter to be strong and confident. Having confidence is more than a state of mind; it become a part of your identity. That's an identity that I'd like my daughter to have with her for life. So what does that confidence look like?

I want my daughter to be confident in who she is. Not only physically but confident in her personality, beliefs and ideas. To be confident enough to be herself.

I want my daughter to be able to know when something is wrong and walk away from it.

I want my daughter to know she is beautiful just how she is.

I want my daughter to know she is smart. I also want her to be strong enough to show it and never want to hide it.

I want my daughter to be brave. Not fearless but brave enough to try the things she really want to try without letting her head hold her back.

I want my daughter to enjoy sunsets, sunrises, warm lazy summer days, the first snow fall, the birds chirping and all things that nature's beauty offers.

I want my daughter to love pink, princesses, dresses and accessories. I also want her to love dirt, tools and trucks. I want her to be confident enough to love both and show it.

I want her to learn to enjoy the stage of life she's in and not be in a rush for "what's next."

I want my daughter to know the joy and struggle of motherhood if she desires it. Yet be confident enough in herself to know if that's not for her.

I want her to find something that she's passionate about and follow that passion. I believe if she does that regardless of career success she will be happy.

I want her to know the strength of a good hug, the power of laughter and the gift of a smile for her whole life. I want her to be confident enough to share these gifts freely.

I don't know exactly how I will teach her all of this. Role modeling is a part of it. Most importantly I think it's through love, opportunity and support. Not only to believe in yourself but growing up in an environment where you are encouraged to believe in yourself. I know as she continues to grow that will look different over time. I love being a girl mom and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thanks again Beth for having me as a part of your series! 

Jenny, thank you so much for sharing Callie with us today. So many of your wants for Callie resonated so strongly in my heart for my girls and I feel confident that they will in the hearts of other mamas too.

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  1. Great post! Sometimes when I think about all the things I want to teach Reese, my head spins and I think, 'how am I going to do all of that?' Thankfully we only have to take it one day at a time :)

  2. Wow Jenny this is so great. I want all of these things for Ellie too!! Let me know how to do it once you figure it out ;)

  3. Beautiful post!! Princess dresses and dirt. It is a mighty task raising a little girl into a confident and strong woman. I think I'd like Aria to be comfortable in her skin above all else.

  4. So many wonderful things to wish for our daughters, this is a great list thanks for sharing Jenny!

  5. Love this! Love Jenny! Love Callie. Love girls! :)

  6. It was a really sweet post. Thanks for reading Keri!

  7. Oh I love Jenny and Callie too!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Yes indeed. We would give them the world if we could.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. It was great wasn't it! I want that for my girls so badly to. It starts when they are so young too. Your doing a great job friend. Keep at it!

  10. Hehe! Yes me too!

    Thanks for reading Ashley!

  11. I KNOW! I have had melt downs where I just sob because it feels like to much to handle and I want so much for her and "what if she hates me". Oh goodness. Let's just get through today. That's all I can do right now.