Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Highlights 4.10.15

Hello Friday!

This has been a LONG week friends. Life in tornado alley on top of being a bit paranoid can make for some interesting days and nights in the spring. Since "the" tornado Joplin seems to be a hot spot for meteorologists and storm chasers when the weather gets rocky. It's like they are all just waiting for it to happen again, no thank you. After all, it so comforting to drive through town and see large groups of storm chasers just hanging out. #sarcasm! Thank God everything has been pretty good so far this spring. 

We also made it through a whole week of school without a problem. Only 16 school days (4 weeks) to go!
Summer we are coming for you!

{ONE} Blog Highlights

This week I did an Easter Recap.

Shared about running Russ' first 5K with him.

And talked about life Currently.

{TWO} One Healthier Month

I did it friends, well almost . I have ALMOST made it a month pursuing a healthier lifestyle in the kitchen. I have counted calories, exercised more, lost a few pounds and I am happy to report that those shrinking shorts are already fitting better.

I have learned so much the past month. Maybe I'll write a post with more details soon. 

{THREE} Silly Girls

Little girls = massive amounts of silliness
The giggles are just unbelievable sometime. I completely adore watching these to laugh together.

It was also bad hair night at Awana this week.

Silly little girls.

{FOUR} Flip Belt

Long gone are the days of wearing an armband to hold your phone while exercising. Or at least that is what I am hearing. A friend recently introduced me to this product.

I couldn't be any more in love with this idea.  I am trying to talk myself into purchasing one pronto. I just haven't been able to splurge on it yet. I know I would use it 6 days a week so it would totally be worth it but.... 

So hey Flip Belt if your out there and want a blogger to work with, I'm your gal ;). 

*Side note: Why do moms have such a hard time buying something for themselves?!

{FIVE} Girl Mom Series

 I am so excited that my girl mom series has been going for well over a month now.

This week I shared another great post from Emily at Morning Motivated Mom. I felt I could relate so closely to her story. Having one daughter is a blessing, having two is even better because they become sisters. If you missed her post you can read it here


If you're interested in sharing your story about being a girl mom fill out this survey and I will be in touch.

Friday Linkup Parties

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Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here on Monday.

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  1. So glad you guys have stayed safe! Congrats on sticking to your goals! Maybe I need to switch to my fitness pal and connect with all you fun ladies! That phone belt - wow that looks ways easier than an arm band (that I just bought like 2 weeks ago)... so if you get one be sure to share how you like it!

  2. Since blogging began for me (back in January) exercise is taking a slide...bad, bad, bad! The time this takes, so stick with your goals. As a teacher on spring break, summer can't come soon enough, forgot how nice it is to just sit back and relax.

  3. Ooh that belt looks so cool!! And looove little girl silliness

  4. I just did the LA marathon and I wouldn't recommend the flip belt. Everyone I know that has bought one has been very unhappy with it. It rides up during runs and it's hard to figure out their sizing. My best friend bought one specifically for the marathon and hated it.

  5. Love myfitnesspal! So thankful yall have stayed safe. Hopefully the anxiety hasn't been too high this week. Can't wait to know if I'm having two silly girls! I can't even imagine the amount of silly giggles!!!! Such a special bond to watch!

  6. Christina SotherdenApril 10, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    Wow, summer is right around the corner at your house!! Way to go with the healthier lifestyle, lady! Wait, the flip belt is amazing!!

  7. I bought the FlipBelt last year at a packet pick up before a race in Chicago and I am so happy I did! I think I walked around the expo like 5 times before actually taking the plunge and purchasing it. Definitely make sure you get the right size. They tend to run a little snug so it's always best to go up a size. And you can't go wrong with the colors, either! Mine is aqua :)

  8. Thank you!

    What have you been using instead of My Fitness Pal? I really like the way it works.

    I know. I have to replace my armbands all the time... they get so gross. I REALLY need to order a couple new ones now. But I want that belt.... ugh. Decisions, decisions.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I know, right?! It is SO hard to find a balance. Sadly the only way I have been able to make it work is to give up sleep. Most days I wake up at 4:15 and then hit the gym before the husband has to be at work. It isn't ideal, but it works.

    Summer will be here soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Doesn't it?! I really need one :).

    I was guessing you would know ALL about the little girl sillies.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh that is such a bummer to hear. The only person who I know that has one thinks it is the best thing ever. Man it would be so nice if you could try something like that out before investing in one. Thanks for the feedback. Now you have me wondering.

  12. It does look cool! I just wonder how well it works!

  13. Your on there... I need to figure out a way to find all my friends :). It was pretty high early on but we are feeling good now, even with TONS of rain in the forecast :(. This spring has been a wet one.

    I can't wait to find out what kind of silliness you'll have at your house. SO soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Yes it is, Thank God! We are SO ready for summer. We started back to school in early August so it has been a long ride.

    Thank you! I really want to try out that Flip Belt I am just so scared I will hate it :/.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Aaaaahhhh thank you so much for your input on this. Another lady had a bad review but everyone I know that has one LOVES it. I didn't even think about possibly getting one at an expo. It wouldn't surprise me if I could track one down at the OKC Memorial Marathon expo, then I could try it on and be sure to get the right size.... maybe I will wait. The colors are pretty fabulous I have no idea how I will decide.

  16. I love your Silly Girl pictures! Your girls look fun. :)

    Thanks again for letting me be a part of your Girl Mom Series this week! I'm looking forward to reading future posts in this series!

  17. I use an app called loseit - it used to be the only program that sync with my fitbit (i've had one since before they were the new "it" thing :) but I'm sure that other programs sync with fitbit now. Even WW does so I bet my fitness pal does. It just seems everyone I know is on MFP but all my custom foods are already in lose it lol

  18. Oh I have never even hear of loseit. You’re so cool being ahead of the trends 😊.
    Entering the custom foods is such a pain :/. I don’t blame you for not making the switch.

  19. Aaahhh thanks they are a crazy good time that is for sure!

    Thank you SO much for being a part of it. It has been so awesome sharing my space with so many great bloggers. I am so thankful the series has gone so well.

  20. Your girls are so cute together! They are going to be the best of friends when they grow up :)
    And I'm with you... I have THE hardest time buying things for myself! I just can't do it! So I wear the same thing every week :)
    Eeekk! Hoping the storm chasers go away soon! That would freak me out to be driving down the street and see them. How sad they are so excited about something horrible happening in a town. I mean, I guess that's their job, but still!

  21. Oh my crazy about the storm chasers! That fit belt looks awesome! You should contact them to do a review- you never know! ; Your girls are precious- ahh love the little smiles and silliness. Hope it's a good weekend!

  22. Haha! I should right?! I mean the worst thing they can say is no! Thanks friend, it was a great weekend.

  23. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesApril 13, 2015 at 11:57 PM

    Spring weather always scared the crap out of me. While I love a good thunderstorm, and miss them terribly, I do not miss the severe weather that often accompanies those spring storms.
    As for that belt - GAH! Want! Need! What an awesome idea!

  24. Yeah I used to love them, not so much any more :(. I went through a season of time after the tornado that I couldn't sleep at all if it was raining, even just a little bit. That stunk.

    I knew you'd love it. I really would love to try it out.