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$10 at Target {February 2016}

Hello Monday!

Finally it is here, the first of many $10 at Target link-ups!
We are so excited to have you join us!

First off a little business.
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Our Pretty Little Girls

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My February shopping trip was another post bed time escape. This time I brought my friend Anna along with me and I completely failed to take a selfie with her. She is often the voice of reason on our shopping trips and a fellow bargain hunter so it only made sense that she joined me for the fun.

We began our shopping trip in the place where pretty much every shopping trip begins, the dollar spot. However things were pretty bare over there since they are mid switching out seasons. I did find a few items to consider though.

16 Butterflies, these would make two little girls very happy.

Chalk eggs. I passed on these last year but the girls would love them.

Some buckets to replace our current pencil holders (that drive me crazy) might be a wise choice.

More milk bottles for spring?!
Lets get them for every season!

With the dollar spot ideas in the back of my head we headed off to see what else we could find.

Because who doesn't need extra long french fry socks?! They were only $1.75

I think I know a little girls who would be perfect for this hat that was on clearance for 2.98

Hands in the air if you used to wear socks like these!
For 1.98 I was halfway tempted to "humiliate" my girls too ;). 

A new gym shirt could be fun and this shirt is totally true. 
Plus it was marked down to $3.88

I really need a new pair of gloves since I ripped my last pair. 

Water bottle holder for M's bike was a good idea.

And lastly this table runner, I LOVE table runners. I was having a hard time imagining if this one would work well in my dining room. But for $6.48 it might be worth a try.

With a cart of options I made my choices and headed up to the register.

Here is what I picked.

How did it all add up?


I clearly underestimated the savings of my REDcard and how much tax would be. This month I went over by 59 cents. For a second I thought about having her take off those adorable butterflies, but I just couldn't do it. I'll work on my math skills and try and do better next month.

However I do feel like I should point out that if I had paid full price with my REDcard discount and tax my total would have been 29..68! (I used a calculator for that one)

Not bad at all, huh?!

Now it is your turn to link-up and let us know how you did this month.
The link-up is open through the 28th, so there is still time to join the fun!

And make plans to join us the third Monday of every month.
Next months date is March 21st!

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