Monday, February 1, 2016

January In Numbers {2016}

I have been a long time fan of the "My Month In Numbers" posts, but I have yet to put one together. I was a bit worried about how uneventful the post may turn out if I am being honest. But hey, even the boring things add up.

Trips to the gym: 16
I've settled on 4 gym trips a week and I am loving that schedule. It's also nice to be work out with this lady at our really nice, brand new gym (that is saving us a TON of money a month). What a blessing all around.

New recipes tried: 3
All breakfast items too. We tried some apple muffins, blueberry muffin and cinnamon roll pancakes.

Episodes of Park & Rec watched: 24
We are loving watching this show. I <3 Ron Swanson.

Cars purchased: 1
A 1955 Chevy

Family movie nights: 3
Cinderella, Minions & Home

Selfies taken: 11
I'm sure there were a few *dozen* more on Snapchat, but these are the ones I grabbed off my phone.

Miles ran: 22
That's the most I've logged since October!

Times the girls told Russ happy birthday: at least 53
They even told him "Happy almost your birthday" for days leading up to the event.

Chalk boards doodled: 4
Winter chalkboards were fun but doing Russ' special birthday board was really neat.

Date nights: 1
1 date night to celebrate the birthday boy!

Pairs of shoes purchased: 2
Since I had some birthday money I snagged a pair of Chacos and some new Brooks running shoes!

Slumber parties the girls had: 21
So glad that is over.

Years Russ turned: 36
The girls always want the candles to match the birthday but some how I sold them on just one.

Trips to IKEA: 1
We even squeezed in a stop at Trader Joes!

Shades of blue I debated: 13
I feel pretty confident that I picked the best one.

Blog posts wrote: 24
Sh-woo! January was a busy month!

Days it was above 60 degrees: 3
And they were glorious!

And that's a wrap on January.
I can't wait to see what February brings!

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