Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Highlights 2016 V7

Happy Fri-Yay!

A busy weekend led straight into a busy week and another packed weekend! I have a feeling things are going to feel boring around here next weekend when we suddenly have nothing to do. 
Sometimes those are the best ones though.

Weekend plans include: Take 2 for last weeks cancelled Valentines Party, a girls night with Anna, birthday cake with the cousins & grandparents, celebrating Miss Emily's 5th birthday and our annual Daytona 500 party on Sunday! 

Sounds like we have lots of partying to do with one planned every single day!

{ONE} Blog Highlights

This week on the blog I shared...

Our Valentines weekend recap
My favorite Pinterest Pins
What is going on "currently"
About my battle with seasonal depression

{TWO} Birthday Girl

5 years ago I would have looked like this right about now. 

Pretty sure I've never shared a bump photo before. Hello HUGE belly. I was definitely one of those you look like you swallowed a watermelon ladies. Crazy to think I was even bigger with Marissa!

Days later this lady was born and this Sunday she is turning five! 
Oh that is going to be so hard on this mama's heart.

{THREE} Giveaway

Guess what happens Monday?!

It is month #1 of the $10 @ Target link-up and to celebrate we are kicking things off with a giveaway!

Make sure you check back on Monday for more details!

{FOUR} Daytona 500

If you've been following me along for a while you know how I feel about cars, LOVE them.
Not only do we have a growing collection of classic / antique cars, but we are also big NASCAR fans. 
I know, I know, you probably don't understand and that's fine. I don't judge ;). 

Needless to say we are pretty excited about this weekends big kick off race. 

{FIVE} Vacation

We may or may not have booked our 2016 vacation this week.
I may not be dishing out all of the details on the when an where right now. 
But I will say this it rhymes with peach...

The word excited doesn't quite cut it. 
Now if only it wasn't FOREVER away. 

Friday Linkup Parties
To see where I am linking up check out my link-up tab.

Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here soon.

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