Monday, June 9, 2014

Church Picnic 2014

Happy Monday!

What a weekend. It started our with a cancelled day trip on Friday, that was a total bummer. But with lots of other fun activities planned we had a great weekend.

Yesterday was our church picnic. This year they held the picnic at a local amusement park/ carnival called Carousel Park. The weather was not ideal, it was spitting light rain almost the entire time. It also seems that several families were gone, already traveling on summer vacations. But that didn't stop us from having a great time.

First we had a picnic lunch

Then we headed to the "truck stop". That was the name of this ride and it totally cracked me up. So funny seeing the kids ride around in a "big rig". 

Next up was the mermaid, oh the mermaid. Marissa quickly discovered she could make us spin very fast all on her own. She was over the moon happy.

I was about to throw up. 

Waiting for a train ride!

Taking a ride on an elephant.

The evil "Whiplash" with Marissa. This ride started out just fine. Then, well, I don't know what happened but it quickly escalated to a whole new level of crazy that I was NOT okay with. I was very glad to get off and have no plans of ever riding it again. 

One of our favorites was the bumper cars. 

Waiting while sister "drives".

She was a CRAZY driver, I am now even more worried about 16 than I was before. 

Our other favorite was the Ferris wheel. Emily LOVED the Ferris wheel. 

It was a great time. I definitely wouldn't mind going back there on a sunny day but at least it wasn't miserably hot!

How was your weekend?

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  1. what a fun event! The "truck stop" ride looks like a blast!

  2. How horrible was the whiplash? Omg. I seriously thought it was going to be the first ride I ever puke on. Never again. Never again.

  3. What a fun weekend!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast. Definitely some cute pictures! My favorite ride would have been the train. ha! Slow and easy does it for me!!!