Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's The Little Things/ Trampoline Fun

Marissa received a trampoline for her birthday a couple weeks ago. Don't worry, it wasn't a surprise to the Mr and I. My parents had asked about it months before and after we did some thinking we decided to give the green light. It may just be one of the best decisions we have ever made. In  just over two weeks the girls have spent hours on it. Sitting, prancing, laying, somersaulting, rolling, JUMPING and having so much fun. I have laughed so hard at them playing, playing with them and watching them play with Russ. It has been AWESOME.

A few random thoughts on trampolines
1) Best place to sunbathe.... EVER
2) How did we not break every bone twice BEFORE a genius became a millionaire with the cage invention.
3) Why did I never think of putting a sprinkler underneath one as young kid.

Last night they were playing, while Russ and I were working and doing some watering in the yard. They kept BEGGING me to spray them but I was pretty focused on finishing up the watering and didn't. When I was done Russ and I did some plotting on a way to surprise them with the hose and these pictures are the result.

They were SOAKED!

This is how summer memories are made!

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  1. Totally!! Abigail loves playing in the hose :) And on all of her friends trampolines ;)

  2. That net is seriously the best invention ever. I should have had a broken leg at some point in my childhood.
    The sprinkler underneath is brilliant! Looks like they had sooo much fun!!

  3. best present ever! I want one! Aria would prob have fun on it even now, but I can't even imagine the tired older kids would get from one. Awesome.