Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party

Last week Marissa turned 6! A week later I still can't believe she is that old. This year she chose to celebrate by having a small family party and a sleepover. I shared our first sleepover post yesterday. Today I wanted to FINALLY share some pictures from her small, simple birthday party.

I didn't go crazy with the decorations or the food. Honestly I think I spent under $5 on the decorations. Most things I made with stuff I had around the house, or found things to print off online and revamped them to make them a bit fancier.

 Blue and white streamers, snowflakes, pint size mason jars, Epsom salt and frozen figurines to decorate the mantel.

More streamers, snow flakes and her sisters Anna doll.

Since I couldn't find a banner to buy, I made one. Construction paper, yarn and some printables.
I used these Frozen Characters other Frozen Images

Do you want to build a snowman?

Centerpiece made with Epsom salt, pine cones, candles and a plate I had lying around.

Streamers and snowflakes

Of the 20 + snowflakes I made, this one was my favorite!

That was it for decorations!

Her cake was chocolate, with chocolate icing per her request. I am NOT a cake decorator. I did make the 3 layer chocolate cake from scratch but when it came to decorating I just slapped the icing on there and attempted to make some snowflakes with melted chocolate.

I also made the Queen of Ice an Elsa cape. Boy oh boy was that "fun".

But she loves it, even if it didn't turn out completely perfect. 

 All and all it turned out great. Especially seeing it was a very small family party.

All of the decorations stayed up for a whole week the girls LOVED having them around and I had worked so hard on them, I didn't mind either.
With the girls birthdays over for this year. My  Birthday party planning for the year is done!

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  1. Nice to be done with parties for a whole year! :) Abigail's is coming up in November....time to start brainstorming!

    I love the Epsom salt for winter decorations. I learned about that from a MOPS meeting last year. Genius!

  2. Ohmy gosh! Lily would love this!!! Love her cape even if it was tons of "fun" to make ;)

  3. You are so crafty, everything looks great! :-)

  4. you did such a great job! that party looks great with really simple touches that isn't over the top but still to the theme! That cake looks really yummy and the snowflakes are perfect! great job!!

  5. The cape!!! love!!! Honestly you don't need much! I always vote for a banner and dessert in some form...then bam it is a party!