Friday, June 20, 2014

Five On Friday/ Summer Fun and Minions Galore


I am always so perky and excited about Fridays every week.

Well, folks we have had another amazingly busy, super fun week and are mid sleepover craziness this morning. We had a blast last night and I can't wait to blog about it soon! Those little girls were even sweet enough to still be asleep when I got back from my early morning run. I think I must have worn them out!

Let's get started on this weeks 5!

Summer Bucket List

We are getting things done folks and summer doesn't even "officially" start until tomorrow.

So far we have:
Gone to Library story time
Went swimming (twice in one week)
Made it to happy hour at sonic, but we went late for milkshakes instead of slushies.

Minion Madness

We are so late getting on the Minion train but after last weeks Minion Factory themed VBS we watched Despicable me and went to the $1 summer movies this week to watch the second one.

We are loving the minions right now. 

My Garden!

Here is the growth over the last couple weeks

2 weeks ago

This morning

I am even starting to enjoy the harvest. Peppers are already here and tomatoes will be soon.

Canning Season 

We are almost getting into peak canning time. One of my favorite parts of gardening is making my own stash of goodies. The main season for me is mid July through August. I can't wait!

These shorts

Old Navy had them for $5 a pair a few weeks ago and I am KICKING myself for not buying one in every color. I love them, especially when the humidity is 82% on my morning run (aka today).

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Love your garden! I hope to have one someday.

    1. Gardens are the best. I hope you get one to!

  2. Awesome garden!!!! Do you have a more detailed post on it?! We love gardening over here!!! I have 3 raised beds as well but it looks like you have so much more planted!!!!! So curious for more details! Also, your garden produces enough to for you to can stuff for later use?! Whhhaaaat? I need your secrets!!! Totally wish I would have known about those Old Navy running shorts too! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you. I don't have a more detailed post. I will probably do one once it all starts producing well. I have a lot planted, but not tons of variety. I need more space! Most of my canning is Salsas, tomato sauces and jalapeno pepper jelly. Outside of that I buy fruits to make my own jams and butters. I would love to plant some of those on my own to. If it was up to me the backyard would be one huge garden.

      Have a great weekend to!

  3. I have 3 pairs of those shorts now and they're the

    Friday makes me all perky too. I can dig it.

  4. oooh love the raised beds! I can't grow anything, but I enjoy them aesthetically anyway ha =)

    You are having a sleepover?! Squee so fun!

    Love the minions! I'm still wanting to see the second movie.

    Fun shorts. I need to get to Old Navy more often, I need some new shorts for cleaning. Or, working out if I ever got around to doing that =)

    1. I only seem to be able to keep outdoor plants alive. Give me a house plant and I will kill it in a week.

      Sleepover was SO FUN!

      The second was good, more minions but I enjoyed the first more.

      Haha, on the shorts. I am now stocking their website waiting for them to go on sale again!

  5. The minions are great! My husband and I love then! We haven't tried it for Callie yet but probably will this fall/winter when we can't be outside every second! Your garden looks so awesome! Can't wait to hear about that sleepover :)

    1. So true. We are spending so much time outside ourselves. It has recently got HOT thought so unless they are swimming they don't want to be out there to long. Ah summer!