Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's the little things/ Princess Night

I honestly believe that Joplin has one of the best Chick Fil-a's around. I am also not sure if it is a good or a bad thing that we live about 2 minutes away from it. They host amazing events several times a year such as daddy daughter date night, under the sea night, super hero night and last night was princess night! 

We just had to go. 

We put on our princess gowns and were on our way. Marissa opted to wear her Cinderella dress. I made it for her about 1.5 years ago for Halloween. I can't believe she still managed to squeeze into it! Emily chose a sleeping beauty inspired dress.

Upon arrival princesses greeted us and gave the girls crowns.

They had a photo booth.

Next up we stopped to see the cow, (sadly this pic came out blurry). Emily was so excited about the Princess cow. 

A carriage ride!

Then we headed to the make your own ice cream bar. I mean who can pass up free ice cream when it is about 60 degrees outside with a cool breeze in June. Bbbrrrr! 

Should I mention that we hadn't ate dinner yet either :)?

After the ice cream they needed to warm up so they played on the inflatables.

And I hung out with my Prince Charming.

When we were all bounced out we put our shoes on. Russ took the girls to the car and I went inside to get some sandwiches to take home with us. Yay for Chick Fil-a cooking dinner for me!

Princess night was a HUGE success! 

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  1. Oh good call on taking dinner home with you! Brilliant!

  2. OMG as if I didn't miss Chick fila already -- woa this is amazing! They went all out for princess night! The princess cow is the best!

    1. They are amazing! They go all out for EVERY event they put on. Very very impressive. Princess cow was definitely the best!

  3. I did not now such things existed! A princess cow, that is amazing haha!

    1. Isn't it awesome! Our Chick fi-a is UH-mazing! And Princess cow, doesn't get much cooler than that.