Monday, June 23, 2014

Sleepover Fun!

Last week Marissa got to have her first sleepover. I can't even describe how excited she was. I was pretty excited about it to. I just kept thinking that this was my first opportunity to be a "cool" mom and I didn't wan to mess that up :).

We started our adventure out at the local public pool. They offer a free swim every Thursday afternoon and it is only a few minutes from the house, so that is pretty hard to pass up. Sadly it was cloudy and windy so they didn't want to stay long.

We loaded up the car and headed home to play and watch some T.V. 

Next came dinner, cheese pizza of course! They were so cute they sang, chanted and made up songs about cheese pizza all the way to the pizza place. 

I think this should totally count as Marissa's first photo bomb. 

After we stuffed our faces we headed downtown for our local Third Thursday Artwalk. I was a bit nervous about taking them down there. I was worried they would quickly get bored and not have fun. I couldn't have been any more wrong. There were LOADS of kids activities this month.

Fairy tale themed photo booth

Thumb print art

Bracelets to make

Hula hooping

The Art Feeds bus was there. And these are only some of the things we did!

June 19th also happened to be the day that Sonic had milkshakes half price all day. How could we pass that up on our way home?!

We got home late and went to bed. They were so well behaved I heard them giggling for about 10 minutes then they were both sound asleep. 

The next morning they ate breakfast outside on the patio and watched a few cartoons before it was time to go home. They were so bummed their time was over. They told me last night in bed they had wished the sleepover could last 100 days. 

I snapped a few pics of the girls before we left the house. I love seeing pics of them together one of them is so tall for their age, the other tiny. It is funny and adorable. 

What an awesome time we had. So much fun, such great kids. I couldn't have imagined it going better.

On the way home Marissa was a bit bummed and quiet and then she said. "Mom? When can we have a sleepover again?" I know there are lots more sleepovers to come over the next 10 years and I smiled as I said soon.

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  1. You're a cool mom. :-) I have many fond memories of sleepovers, one of the best things about childhood.

    1. Ah, thanks!

      I do to. I can't wait to have more of them, especially when they get to be bigger, eeeekkk!!!

  2. SO awesome!! I love all of the pictures of them on the front steps. Super big girls.

    Also, where the heck was all of that stuff at Third Thursday?! We didn't see any of that. All Abigail did was paint the L&P mattress and end up with paint absolutely everywhere{myself included. ugh}

  3. Yay! This is the best! It sounds like it went SOOO well! I thought first sleepovers were suppose to result in calling mom at 1am because you are homesick, ha. Yours was way too rocking for such foolishness =) I'm so excited for sleepovers.

    1. I know, isn't it! I know Mya pretty well, so I thought she would probably do okay. But, for the night to go SO smoothly. I could hardly believe it. I think I just completely wore them out. Maybe that is the trick! I have been thinking about her first sleepover for 3 years now. I can' t believe it happened.