Thursday, June 5, 2014

Patriotic Summer Wreath {tutorial}

I woke up Wednesday and decided I felt "crafty". Do you ever do that? Just wake up with the urge to make SOMETHING? I had been milling around the idea of a new summer wreath since before Memorial Day (kind of missed that one). I knew the exact wreath that I wanted to make so I quickly evaluated my stash and after a visit to the park we headed to Hobby Lobby for the supplies we didn't have on hand.

With supplies gathered, we were ready to begin.
(I didn't end up using the pipe cleaners and I had to go back to get my burlap ribbon)

First I took my straw wreath and I wrapped sections of it with the crimson yarn.

Then I did about a quarter of the wreath in blue.

Finally I filled in small sections of white to close in the gaps. I also took a glue gun to the back to secure the loose pieces of yarn.

Perfect! It looked exactly how, or even better than I imagined it would. I would love to say that it took me 30 minutes or less, but we all know that is a lie. It took 1-2 hours. I didn't work on it all at once, so I can't say exactly.

I went online and found a star template. You can print the star pattern paper out for yourself if you like.

Then I cut out the size I wanted (I chose the smallest) and traced ten of them on some felt. I cut them out, positioned them and glued them on.

All that was left was a hanger and I chose to add a little burlap to do the job and it was done!


Another wreath to add to my growing collection. Someday I hope to have made at least 10 seasonal wreaths and as of now I think I am a little over halfway there now!

Have you been feeling crafty lately? 

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  1. Yes I've been feeling crafty! Beautiful wreath. I'm starting on crafty Christmas gift ideas. I like doing a "homemade" Christmas. :-)

    1. I love the idea of "homemade" Christmas to, I just have a hard time getting motivated this early. Good for you!

      I am also TRYING to convince myself to knit some rows on a sweater I started forever ago, to make sure I have it done by early fall. That isn't happening either, ugh.

  2. This turned out so cute! Just pinned it to make it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cute and easy really! I just wish I could get those wreaths wrapped faster! My next wreath will definitely not be a yarn one, haha!