Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's The Little Things/ Our First Lost Tooth

Yesterday was Marissa's 6th Birthday. She woke up excited with a huge smile on her face. I had a lot of fun things planned for our day but sometimes plans change, get adapted or something comes up. Yesterday wasn't any different. It started like this.

"Mom, my tooth is loose!"

I did NOT expect to hear those words coming out of her mouth. I know she is getting to "that age" but I live in denial about how grown up she is getting. And then I thought, sure it is. I called her to come to me so I could inspect and I quickly found a VERY loose tooth. It must have been loose for days. How did she not notice, how did I not notice. I was not mentally prepared for this to be a part of her birthday. I mean, she is already turning a year older! Do we have to stack loosing her first tooth onto it making it that much harder for a mom watching her baby get so big?!

We wiggled for a bit

Went and ate donuts.

Wiggled a bit more

Went to play at the park.

Came home and, you guessed it, wiggled.

Then Mimi came to the rescue.

With a little bit of drama.

The tooth was out!

Now I get the occasional peek at this toothless grin.

She is growing up way to fast. Slow down baby girl, slow down!

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  1. Awwww, I LOVE this post! It makes me a little teary because I remember every time I would get a loose tooth how my dad would help me wiggle it and then I would make him pull it once it got crazy loose and was holding on by a thread! He always did it so fast and in a way that it never hurt a bit! And it also makes me think about how this will be my little Sadie in a few years! Time goes by way too fast!!!

    1. I remember those days to! My dad did the same thing which is funny thinking back he is a big guy with big hands. He would ask to check it reach in my mouth and wiggle it around a bit. Then he would say nope, it's not ready I would sigh and go to wiggle it myself and find that it was gone! He was the best tooth puller :). It is so crazy how fast it happens. I just wish so much that I had known it was loose. A mom needs sometime to prepare for these things.

  2. You pull loose teeth? Oh that made me all squirmy! I don't recall that as something I did...but I barely remember losing teeth at all. You work so hard at growing those suckers too, and then they just fall out!! At least that part is easier. Are you a tooth fairy under the pillow money do-er?