Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Newman Family Vacation 2015 {Part Two}

On Monday I shared about part one of our 2015 family vacation. Today I wanted to finish off the details of the rest of our trip and dump a few lot more photos on you.

Day 3 started out at the St. Louis Science Center. Another free attraction that St. Louis has to offer. We arrived there before we opened and managed to snag one of the free parking places too!

The building has a planetarium on one side of the highway and the science center on the other with this walkway over the highway connecting them.

All that time building this and seconds before I snapped a photo a little kid pushed it over. 
So we built it again. 

This is their "space walk".

This photo shows their personalities to a T. Marissa unsure, Emily silly. 

Day # 3 of tons of walking. We were all feeling pretty done by this point but still smiling. 

After a quick stop by the hotel we went to have dinner with and visit Russ' Grandparents. We were also able to see his Uncle and Aunt too. It is always so nice seeing them. 

Day four was our last day and I knew I wanted to take the girls to get a close up look at the arch. We have drove past it countless times but it is pretty hard to beat getting an up close look. 

Plus you "have" to touch it.

The mighty Mississippi "Pond" as Emily called it. Tons of rain and flooding has the river pretty high right now. With all the droughts out west us Mid-westerners are feeling pretty guilty over the insane amount of rain we have had. 

And a trip down town wouldn't be complete without a look at the ball park.

Go Cards!!!

Marissa tried taking a photo of us... not to bad. 

Our last St. Louis stop was a trip to Grants Farm also known as the Budweiser farm.

We met Lee a 19 year old Budweiser Clydesdale. He was super sweet.

Checked out the Clydesdale farm

Took a train ride through Deer Park.

Fed some camels.

Rode another carousel.

Plus we made an elephant friend.

It was by far the hottest day of our trip so I decided to be a yes mom. The girls ran through the sprinklers until they were almost soaked. 

A little more walking around and we were headed to the car to make the 4.5 hour drive back home. 

We haven't made a trip like this with the girls in YEARS. It was such a blessing and so much fun. I am so, so glad we decided to get out of town together and hope we can make many more trips like this together in the future. 

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  1. Very fun! We always passed the arch on the way to visit my Grandparents (who live near White Plains, MO), but we have never stopped (probably because we were trying to get as far as possible in one drive).

  2. What fun!! We are planning on visiting Indy in the Fall and I can't wait to discover a new city!
    And that arch... I've been to and from OK 6 times and thanks to early morning or late night fog, I've only got to see it 2 times! I want to touch it now thanks to your post, though!

  3. Such a fun trip, and great photos!

  4. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJune 24, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    Your STL trip looks like it was so much fun! And holy cow, Saint Louis has so many awesome things for free (the Science Center *and* Grants Farm - dang)! I had no idea. If/when we ever get back to KC I would LOVE to make a trip. There seems to be so many cool, family friendly things there!

  5. Your vacation was awesome, totally enjoying all the museums and fun pictures you're sharing!!!

  6. The science center looks like fun. And super cool pictures
    of the arch. I have seen it from a distance, but never this close. So rad! I
    adore that picture of you in front of the stadium!! Pretty mama. And I’ve never
    seen the St Louis ballpark. Hubby and I want to travel around and visit as many
    ballparks as we can when we retire. This one will be on our list. That’s so
    cool that you got to meet a Clydesdale. I just love those!!

  7. oh I love it! I love science museums, but the one we have is in every time we go to Orlando we go to Disney. Not a bad trade off, but I wish we had some of the fun stuff closer. Chris loves science museums. We'll have to go to the one in Baltimore next time we visit family. When I can brave a car trip with Aria again that is...
    The clydesdales though! That's my fave =) I'm glad you guys had such an awesome trip.

  8. Thank you so much Whitney. I am so sad it is over. But at least there is more summer fun to be had!

  9. It is pretty lame down there right now. They are in the early stages of building a new museum or something down there so it is all gated off weird and doesn't have the "park feel" that is used to have. BUT it is the arch. You really have to stop sometime to go see it up close. It is pretty awesome.

  10. I bet Indy is going to be AWESOME. There has to be SO many things to do there.

    Hehe, my girls were blown away at how huge it is. I mean you can tell it is huge but something about leaning against it and seeing it up close is just crazy.

  11. St. Louis has TONS of free stuff. Some of it requires you to pay parking but if you arrive early and know what your doing you can easily find free parking which is GREAT! St. Louis is pretty hard to beat in the family friendly department.

  12. I know what you mean... well kind of. We don't have one in town either. I would LOVE it if we had something like this in Joplin. Was the last car trip not so good? It seems like that would be a LONG drive.

    They were one of my favorites too. That the seals and the penguins. I guess I just like animals ;).

  13. Yup your really need to put St. Louis on your list of places to go. The ballpark there is pretty awesome and you can walk from the arch to the park in about 5 minutes. But you probably can tell that by watching them play on TV :). I have seen the arch several times but I am always blown away by how huge it is. Russ' dad was there on opening day :). Thank you so much lady.

  14. Looks like you guys had some great quality family time ! So glad you got to do all of those fun things together. The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago is pretty cool, too!

  15. Wow, you guys did a lot! Love all the activities you were able to do, especially the Budweiser farm. I would've totally slept in the car on the way home after all that. I can't wait to take road trips/vacations like this when the kids are older (like 5+ years from now!)

  16. What a fun trip! Your girls are adorable!

  17. The car trip was awful. Aria was golden. But that is because we drove all night while she slept and we got absolutely no sleep, and then I felt like I had a broken back after sitting in the car that long esp since I can't adjust the seat with Aria's car seat behind me. So far I have not had the desire to try that again.

  18. The mighty Mississippi pond, now that is funny! I love trips like this, where you can meld family visits with some fun sight seeing! Science museums are some of our favorite places to visit! Glad you all had a grand time.

  19. We did, it was so much fun.

    I bet that place is awesome! I have always wanted to make a trip to Chicago. Maybe we will someday!

  20. It was a lot crammed into such a short time. We definitely kept things going. I really thought the girls may crash on the way home. Nope, they giggled and played for 4.5 hours!!!! Oh, my!

  21. Oh that Emily is such a nut. Me too! So often we go up there mostly just to see family but this time it was the other way really. We've been talking about making this trip for YEARS now. I'm so glad we did.

  22. Sounds like St. Louis is definitely a MUST with kids! There's so much to do!

  23. It really is! Y’all should make a trip up there sometime. Do you know how far it would be?

  24. From here it would be about 7 hours, so not too bad.

  25. Long drive but doable. It is about 4.5 for us which feels pretty long but not quite as long as it used to with younger kiddos.