Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Highlights 6.26.15

Hello Friday!

Friday is here and it couldn't have came sooner. We are SO ready for the weekend.

This week has been a HOT one. Apparently mother nature got the word that summer had officially arrived and cranked up the humidity here in the mid-west. We have pretty much lived at the pool this past week and it has been awesome. #noshame

Weekend plans consist of not melting, having a yard sale where I will hopefully sell all our junk valuable merchandise and just being together.

{ONE}  On The Blog This Week

This week on the blog I shared about our recent family trip to St Louis.
You can check out part one here.

On Tuesday I shared some Free & Inexpensive summer boredom busters.
Who isn't looking for cheap entertainment this summer?

And Wednesday I shared the rest of our vacation in part two.

{TWO} Hellmann's

Recently I was given the chance to try out Hellmann's real mayonnaise in a new bottle courtesy of Influenster. 

Let me just say I LOVE this new bottle. Clean lock cap, squeeze bottle that is facing down and an accurate tip. Man they nailed this bottle design. Plus it's Hellmann's! It is hard to be REAL mayonnaise. They sold me on this product pretty easily and I think you will be the same way. Check it out and #squeezemore with Hellmann's this summer.

I was given this product for testing purpose however all opinions are my own.

{THREE} Fun on the 4th!

So the 4th of July is just about a week away and I couldn't possibly be more excited. There is just something about that day that makes me smile. I have recently been thinking of a few thing our 4th must include and I wanted to share a few great ideas with you to make your celebrating more fun!

If you want to do some patriotic decorating here is a super easy DIY project for a festive wreath!

Courtney at Sweet Turtle Soup came up with a cute easy 4th of July popper. 
Love this!

Fourth of July craft

I made this jello last year and I will DEFINITELY be repeating this fun dessert again.

4th of July Jello Recipe

We have also made these shirts before. So much fun!

What festive activities do you have planned?

{FOUR} all free clear #withmyblanket sweeps

Does your child have a blanket they are attached to. I know we have a few blanket lovers around here.

all free clear is currently hosting a #withmyblanket sweepstakes.
You could be one of 5 that win a one year supply of all free clear!

There are 2 great ways via social media to enter the sweepstakes, just share how your child’s blanket becomes a best friend at bed time or a fort during play time. We all know the blanket is a precious treasure to our kids. A year supply of all free clear would be an awesome way to keep those blankets clean.

Via Facebook: Upload your photo with the hashtags #withmyblanket and #sweeps on the all free clear Facebook page
Via Twitter: Log onto your Twitter account and tweet your Photo with the hashtags #withmyblanket and #sweeps.

You must share your #withmyblanket creations by July 26, 2015 to be eligible to win.

{FIVE} Girl Mom

This week Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side shared a post for my 'Girl Mom' series.

She talked all about her "mini fox" and the things that make her special. She is such a cutie. If you missed Sarah's post make sure you check it out!

If you're interested in sharing your story about being a girl mom fill out this survey and I will be in touch. 

Friday Linkup Parties

To see where I am linking up check out my link-up tab.

Have a great weekend!
We will see you back here on Monday.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all those great tutorials for the 4th of July Beth.
    I've been wanting to figure out a great way to celebrate the 4th in Australia this year and I love what you've shared.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Love your 4th of July ideas! I've been pinning stuff like a crazy woman, lol! Have a great weekend!

  3. Am I the only one who can't believe the 4th of July is next weekend?! I'm not complaining though... I don't mind that summer is flying by (get me outta this heatttttttt!, plus, baby time is the beginning of Fall!) but I still can't believe how quickly time is passing!
    That jello! How fun! Okay, you actually shared so many fun links, ha ha! Happy weekend!! Enjoy all that pool time!

  4. Good luck with your yard sale this weekend! Also, that 4th of July jello looks awesome!

  5. The picture of the girls wearing their handmade 4th tanks is too precious. I totally made a bunch of Courtney's confetti poppers for Baby's First Birthday already, that girl is a genius. Happy Weekending!

  6. Garage sale!!! Are you sellin anything goooood??? ;)

  7. I wish I would have gotten my act together sooner... even though we still have a week until the 4th... because there are so many cute ideas!!! I want to capture Mason's hand while it is still small and cute, so I may have to be super crafter this weekend!

  8. Visiting from Momfessionals

    No, that humidity is in the south's been super hard for us.

    When does the new bottle come out? I haven't seen that type of Hellmann's bottle yet.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. Man I'm so lame. I just now saw this. Not really lol. Just old kid/ yard toys, two big pieces of furniture and kid clothes. I made $296.75 though!!! I tried selling clothes but I didn't sell much since I wasn't willing to come down lower than what I'd make at Rhea Lana.

  10. I feel that way EVERY holiday. I want to do so much then run out of time. I hope your having a productive weekend friend!

  11. Thanks!

    Oh my that is so fun! She is a celebrating / party planning genius!

  12. Thank you! We did great yesterday so I am excited! You should totally try it. So festive and fun!

  13. Thank you. I need to check out your Pinterest board!

    You too. Have a great one!

  14. You are so not alone :(. I actually started to get a little sad thinking about it the other day. But yay for you friend! It probably feels a bit like eternal summer where you are!

    Thanks! You bet we will. We made 5 pool trips just last week!

  15. Oh my goodness that is so much fun! Happy celebrating and happy Sunday too!

  16. I once visited Louisiana and almost melted into a puddle. The humidity down there was a whole new level of crazy.

    I think it's already in stores around here. Hopefully you'll see it soon. Thanks for visiting!

  17. Yay for a yard sale! Hope it went well. We had a cool down this weekend. It's been so nice! But the last few weeks have been miserable for weather... ugh! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  18. Desiree @ Macke MonologuesJune 29, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    We've had humidity here, too. Which is SO rare. It reminded me how much I don't miss it, and how much I dislike it. We spend literally every afternoon in the pool. Nothing says summer like the pool! (And, nothing says exhausted kiddos like a day post-pool fun!)

    Those 4th of July shirts - YES!! I am seriously considering doing this with Marcus. What a fabulous idea. LOVE! And, the poppers Courtney made are on my to-make list for this weekend, as well.

    Hope you had the best weekend and stayed cool!!

  19. UGH ☹. That stinks lady I couldn't imagine dealing with it in my 3rd trimester. We have been spending A LOT of time at the pool to #noshame. I couldn’t agree with you more. Plus the girls are FINALLY starting to turn into little fish. It is AMAZING how much they have progressed over the past 3 weeks. I can’t wait for swim lessons to start next Monday.
    You should totally make one with Marcus. That would be so cute!

  20. I know! It went super well!!! I ditched the big furniture pieces I wanted to get rid of and made a decent chunk of money so we can get started on our homeschool room.
    Stay cool friend. It seems like the heat here is back in full force!

  21. That 4th of July jello looks like so much fun!!

  22. It is SO much fun and so easy. You can also change the colors up to make it appropriate for almost any holiday!